white space in my layout driving me nuts

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    OK, this might seem nitpicky to some people but it sucks for me as a very visual person.

    I am using a template that has this annoying white sapce built in – is there any way to remove it?

    It is on every Post, not on the Pages: above the “Posted by” line up top, below the header image.

    Example: http://teapotshappen.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/raspberry-bushes-synchronicity/

    Note how there is no such white space in the same spot on Pages: http://teapotshappen.wordpress.com/about/

    The blog I need help with is teapotshappen.wordpress.com.


    I would contact staff on that and ask them to fix it since for you to fix it, it would require the paid CSS upgrade.

    Adding this to the CSS fixes the issue but might not be the best way to fix it. Pass it on to staff when you contact them.

    .wideposts {



    I did buy a CSS upgrade, so I could modify the template. I see that the problem exists in baseline template use as well as on mine, so I know I didnt break it … where in the CSS can this area be altered, can anyone tell me?


    oh wait, I think you just did … I will check it out, thanks!


    hmmm – added that but modified it to negative1 so it would not hide the top ot the text – it worked – but only on the home page.

    when I go into a specific post, the whitespace remains …



    I’ve spent nearly a half-hour looking over the markup and the CSS and for the life of me can’t figure out why there is a difference between the main page and the single post page.

    In the markup, the main page content is here:

    <div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
    <div id="post-1244" class="postwrapper wideposts">

    In the markup the single-post page content is here:

    <div id="content">
    <div id="post-1244" class="postwrapper wideposts">

    The only difference is the class=”narrowcolumn” on the main page, but that isn’t even in the CSS at all – and that is on the main page.

    Contact staff on this as there is something weird going on here and it may take a tweak to the markup to fix it.


    I got it I think. Change the top/bottom margin in .navigation from 5px to 0 and see what happens. It fixed the issue on my test blog without adversely effecting the main page.

    .navigation {
    margin:0 24px;

    you got it, thanks a lot man!


    You’re welcome. It took a while and the issue was in a very unlikely place.


    very much appreciated!


    Not a problem.

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