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White Space In Posts

  1. smartwebservices

    I am creating a site for a client of mine, I have used posts as the site pages.

    We are building the site on until he is happy with the website design etc before moving to the real domain name.

    I have used the blogroll to create the menu in the left sidebar, when you click on any item it takes you to the correct page but there is a gap before the page title?

    take a look at, please help?

  2. Seems that is where you should be asking. This is the support forum for blogs hosted by WordPress.COM.

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  3. Sorry, the site is not a blog.

  4. Seems you should be asking over at This forum is for blogs hosted on WordPress.COM

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

  5. Oh great, now hiccups. For some reason the first one didn't show. Sorry.

  6. smartwebservices

    thanks I have posted in the other forum

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