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White space problem persists...

  1. Despite some very positive help from thesacredpath (Aug 19, 2008) I continue to find large areas of white space appearing in my blog (URL below) several days after posting.
    These spaces can be up to half a screen deep.
    I have just (daytime, Australia, 20 October) cut them out of the present entry page, as I frequently need to. There were a lot there.

    An additional problem someone may help on: "Enter" spaces in "plain text" are suddenly failing to take. Adding a >br/< (brackets backwards so this does not enter as script) in the "HTML" option works, but seem to have gone (although the space remains) when I go back later. Seems odd.


  2. Hi Roger, are you still pasting from a text editor?

    At the moment I don't see any huge spaces, but as you've said you cut them out, it won't be possible to see what is causing the problem.


  3. "... are you still pasting from a text editor?" ~ Yes, Jennifer, MS Notepad. Odd how the page stays nice and even for a bit, then slabs of white space appear. I was hoping it was a known problem. I never did want to be unique...

    Can you assist on the need to write breaks into the html? This also has a strange aspect. After I script the break in, I then have to remove a space when I go back to plain text. Returning to the html I find the scripted break has been removed, but the break I need remains where I need it. Odd.

  4. Notepad has some unexpected errors. Try doing Pasting without Format or similar. I was rather shocked to find Notepad didn't wipe everything out, but no. You might have to tweak the paste.

  5. "You might have to tweak the paste." ... Thanks, raincoaster; but it causes me to plead ignorance. The only format options I have in Notepad are wrap and font. What can I tweak? Is there another text editor you could advise which is wholly clean?

  6. Sure.

    Do your thing. Look at it. If it has extra spaces, delete them. Etc,

    Otherwise: I've heard that Wordpad will do the trick, if you set it to Post Plain Text.

  7. Thanks, raincoaster... loaded and now searching for "Post Plain Text".

  8. Cool, Jennifer... many thanks. Y'all will get me honest, yet...

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