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White stuff in Freshy

  1. Thanks. My typing is pretty bad this morning.

  2. No problem, drmike! I hope Support have time to read the whole thread because I realize there are a couple of strange things going on with Freshy that we discussed here.

  3. The original screenshot supplied has a thick white vertical line outside the header on the left.
    Can anyone reproduce that?
    If so, what browser?
    If not, what browser?

    We can't see it so some help would be great

  4. Hi boles -- I'm not able to reproduce the error you described (a white vertical line going down the right side of the page). I'm using IE7 in Windows XP. Could you take a look again and see if you're still having the problem?

    Here's a screenshot of what I see when I took a look at your site.

  5. The sites look fine (original poster and Boles) in Safari and Firefox 2 for Mac and in IE 7 for my XP install as well.


  6. iammatthomas --

    Hiya! Yes, still having the problem. I'll screenshot it for you on my other box next.

    I only see the vertical white pixel in IE7 under WinXP. My staff reported seeing it as well.

  7. iammatthomas --

    Okay, here's the screenshot of what I see -- the vertical white pixel line on the right side of the image header:

    That screenshot was taken on an ThinkPad T43p running the latest version of WinXP and IE7 using SnagIt to snag it.

    Now, hold onto your pants, because this is where it gets wacky:

    In the second shot, I made the IE7 window horizontally smaller and the white pixel line disappeared!

    Try making IE7 fill your screen and see if the white pixel line appears.

    I can make the white pixel line appear and disappear by just dragging IE7 wider and skinnier.

    Wonky, say I!

    That said, I can drag all my other browser windows horizontally larger and smaller and the white pixel line never appears. I wish there were a way to charge admission for this magic trick! Heh!

  8. I can reproduce this in IE7, WinXP, 1028x764, and yes, it disappears when the window is narrowed.

    It also looks pretty bad in FF at any width less than 820px but I'm assuming any res below 1028x764 is unsupported anyway.

  9. boles: Got it. I see what you mean, now. I'll see what I can't find out.

    As for how it looks at less than 1028x764; that's unfortunate, but a limitation of the original design, so it'll probably have to stay that way. :)

  10. Thanks Matt!

  11. boles: After you mentioned resizing the window, I remembered having run into the same problem a while ago. I've applied the fix and all seems to be well with Freshy again. Hope that does the trick for you.

    Incidentally, I think I figured out the original problem risenphoenix was having. It seems to just be a side effect of the browser window being sized smaller than the width of the design -- less than 820px as wank mentioned above. The same behavior is present on the theme designer's site so like I said above, it just seems to be a limitation of the original design.

    Hope it helps!

  12. Done and Done. Fixed!

    Thanks for getting this resolved so incredibly fast, Matt!

    I do Love me some!

  13. Excellent. Happy to help!

  14. Matt T THAT was an absolutely awesome bug fix by you. Right up to date on something that is very obscure. Thanks.

  15. I do hope someone has send the original designer an email on the issue. I do remember that Matt has asked us not to contact theme designers ourselves but I hope in this case some does and provides them with the fix.

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