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Whitelist Audiomack Embeds

  1. Hi there, I run a blog from and frequently I post music which includes either individual songs or full length projects. A site by the name of has grown to become more and more popular for artists to release their music, but the problem is that doesn't support the embedding of their links unlike or More artists are gravitating towards using Audiomack as a go-to source, and it's incovenient that I lose out on traffic by not having the music available for the readers right then and there.

    They released a plugin - and it would be beneficial and covenient if it would work with sites like mine or just whitelist the Audiomack iFrame embeds. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello, my name is Rick Gonzalez and I'm a hip hop artist who runs his own music site at using wordpress. Over the last 6 months or so a website named has made it super easy to upload music for someone like myself trying to find as much traffic as possible. Embedding their player on your site is not possible though and I'm unable to find new areas of traffic for my music. Please let me know if you guys are able to whitelist their embed player for site. Thank you or taking the time.


  3. Hey I have a music blog and I'm encountaring the same aforementioned issues with audiomack as well as datpiff . It would be highly appreciated if wordpress could whitelist audiomack and datpiff's embeds.

    Thank you,

  4. I REALLY need an audiomack plugin for I run a music blog and i cannot embed the audiomack player

  5. I've been utilizing AudioMack as well and find it a valuable asset. I back this approval.

  6. let's go WordPress!! Wanna be the best of the best? Give us the option to embed AudioMack players! The music biz is huge because of the internet and blogs! Utilize it!

  7. PUT AUDIO MACK ON WORLDPRESS.COM!!!! That Is All. Have A Nice Day!!! :))))):(((((( :...(((((((

  8. That's hilarious. The first two are obvious audiomack spam.

  9. @raincoaster, I can understand why you would think that but they were certainly not posted by anyone in my organization. There is nothing I hate more than fake accounts and spam posts, as Audiomack itself is often victim to them.

    To be 100% transparent I will say that when we launched our plugin for we let people know that if they used and liked Audiomack they should create a forum post here. Once the first person posted we then linked directly to this thread so additional people could add on. We're glad to take that down if the WP community feels its in any way manipulative.

    In the end its up to WP and the community to decide if our player is whitelisted. We simply would like to get the same treatment as other companies in our space like Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. Many artist use Audiomack to share their music, including J Cole, Nas, and Busta Rhymes. Whitelisting Audiomack will allow bloggers to embed the music they upload to our platform.

    Dave Macli
    Audiomack Founder

  10. It's a bit more complex than just "white listing" usually they develop "Short Code" that converts and enables an outside site to run - YouTube has an iframe and the code gets converted or there is a direct short code that can be used that runs the YouTube video - the development of the Short Code is probably not a trivial task so they would need a large number of people using the code to justify developing the code required - WordPress.COM is very security and reliability conscious, so in some ways they move slowly on some new things - the architecture here is shared, for instance everyone uses the same code in a specific theme and that is why the theme code here can't be changed -

  11. @auxclass, thanks for the information. We developed a plugin which generates a shortcode for WordPress Org which can be found here:

    If there is anything else we can do on our end, were glad to take that on. If not we will continue to grow our user base until we hit that critical mass you spoke of.

  12. You be welcome

    Someone has already flagged this for staff attention so at least the request will go onto their list of things people want

  13. Thanks for your suggestion. We've registered your suggestion and will keep it in mind for future features and updates!


  14. I REALLY need an audiomack plugin for I run a music blog and i cannot embed the audiomack player.
    It would be highly appreciated if wordpress could whitelist audiomack and datpiff's embeds.

    Thank you,
    Barry !

  15. I have missed out on so many opportunities to support fresher, more underground artist in the past year because there is no plug-in for audiomack on my .com. Could you guys please find some time to have this corrected, so myself and other music writers who just want to share the dope music we hear throughout the year.

  16. Please add this plugin, it's an innovative music site that has world recognition.

  17. My name is Lewis and I run the music blog Province ( Many artists and labels now choose to release music exclusively on Audiomack. In these cases, users who want to share this music are forced use unofficial streams on YouTube or SoundCloud. Please enable Audiomack!

  18. would also like to add the Audiomack player to my various sites.

  19. would also like to add the Audiomack player to my various sites.

  20. indoesadsmilez

    Please hurry with the Audiomack embed for .com

  21. I run and there have been plenty of times where I haven't been able to post a song because I can't embed Audiomack. I would love to have audiomack on blogs

  22. could mos definitely use the audiomack embed..missing out on alot of good music!

  23. I run a Hip-Hop website. I NEED a audiomack wordpress embed code. PLEASE MAKE THIS POSSIBLE WP

  24. I have the same problem as many above dealing with the audiomack plugin being available for and not Which I've noticed this isn't the only issue where the and .com site differ within features. If we can tackle this issue with audiomack first no problem, and some of the other issues later on maybe.

  25. Hello wordpress community, Dave here from Audiomack. Let me know if you need any information from us in order to help get Audiomack whitelisted for This is the number one requested feature for our platform. Our platform is used by over 20,000 artists and blogs to share music and we would love to be a part of the community.

  26. Follow-up

    Only a few embedded players work on
    It should be different!

    ----waiting for changes-----

  27. djfresh2def036

    I Use Audio Mack Myself And There Awesome I Have No Trouble Embedding Players Into My Posts If You Need A Reliable player Audio Mack Is It Thanks.

  28. @djfresh2def036 How did you get Audiomack embeds to work on your hosted site?

  29. Co-sign all of a music blog called and it is ridiculous that AudioMack is not being given the same attention as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc....not having the ability to embed songs from AudioMack is absurd and really should be addressed by the WordPress employees. It would be much appreciated.

  30. Dave - any feedback on when will enable Audiomack embeds happen on the platform? I'm with the other folks, we're missing alot of opportunity in promoting artist because some no longer use Bandcamp or Soundcloud to promote their music. Let us know!

    I run

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