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Whiting out comments

  1. Hi, I'm new around here, and to CSS -- I am using the Treba theme, and have been playing around with editing a few things. I want to get rid of the footers on all the pages that say "comments are closed," -- this site isn't really going to be for blogging purposes -- and I turned them white (invisible) on the front page, but I can't seem to make it happen on all the additional pages. Can anyone help me?

  2. Link to the blog in question please. We gotta tell you want to change by seeing it. :)

  3. usually a simple

    #respond, #comments { display: none; }

    will work better than 'whiting them out'

  4. Agreed. Wanted to make sure we were telling them the right classes though. :)

  5. yeah, i'm totally guessing. it's pretty rare to have something other than that, though, since the comment link on the front page depends on those ID's

  6. Oops, I didn't reply all day.

    Can you tell I am a newbie to this by my thought that "whiting it out" would be better? =)

    It's actually not my blog (, it's a friend's new site for her personal chef business -- very much in progress -- at

    Sunburnt -- where generally do I insert that line you put there.

    I appreciate the help!

  7. *chuckle* This is why I always try to get a link so we can see. :)

    Follow sun's instructions but the bit you want to block out is 'nocomments'. Should be:

    #nocomments { display: none; }

    Hope this helps,

  8. you'll just want to insert drmike's CSS at the end of the Edit CSS box

    actually, you may also want to add .commentblock:

    #nocomments, .commentblock {display: none;}
  9. I was looking at that as well but they just said that they wanted the text whited out. I didn't know if it was used elsewhere or if they allowed comments on posts.

  10. Thanks -- I added those two lines:

    #nocomments, .commentblock {display: none;}

    #nocomments { display: none; }

    And it still shows "comments are closed" -- what am I doing wrong? I just pasted them into the already slightly edited CSS... does it have to go in a certain place in the CSS?

  11. Wouldn't it actually be #commentblock since it's only used once? (Asking here as I don't use the theme myself and hoping Sun speaks up)

    I'd go ahead and remove:

    #nocomments {

    It doesn't need to be in there twice. I don't think it would affect anything. Just being picky.

  12. Success! Thanks!

  13. Cool :)

  14. well, it does occur only once, so they should have made it an ID, but in this case, they made it a class. ID's are #, classes are .

    the CSS i posted was misspelled, it should be .commentSblock

    that's why it didn't work. sorry about that.

  15. ID's are #, classes are .

    I'm glad you can keep that straight. I certainly can't.

  16. i can now. it confused me for years. now my brain's been pretty much completely assimilated. i even have dreams in CSS.

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