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Who actually quick posts /emails text to publish new blog post

  1. I realize these handy dandy features:
    *quick posts
    *email text to create a fast blog post

    But honest, who here has created a decently written blog post using any of these techniques??

    Frankly, I care about the quality of my writing for my blogs. Whipping off a blog post fast with probably a lousy not my style of blog writing. Nor would I be dumb enough to expect lots of readers to follow to me, a lower quality of blog writing and photography.

    That is not the blogosphere footprint I want to leave behind.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would never use those quick post features. I always write my blog out first in Microsoft Word, then transfer it to the Dashboard where I upload my photos.

  3. Who knows. I am lost without a preview button

  4. I use the old skool way of publishing. I would't enable post by email because we've already seen if your email gets hacked, so does your blog.

  5. Mind you, the new/old New Post button in the admin bar is awesome. I will be using that a lot. Dunno why they ever took it away in the first place.

  6. ratinthebookpile

    @ maidiebike I completely agree with you. My 'quick' posts take a minimum of ten minutes, and I don't do many of those. Even then I would want to preview first, and I like to write in the html tab.

    There will be bloggers who appreciate this stripped down functionality, but the emphasis on the value of quick blogging concerns me. I'm not sure that WordPress and I are exactly reading from the same page.

  7. I used Quick Post when I was in Qatar, simply becasue I was on my phone. Other than that - NEVER!

  8. I never use it either. I like the normal post page the best.

  9. I add many things in my posts so I'll never prefer those two means.

  10. plasticdaffodils

    I think it's probably good for giving quick updates while traveling, but that's about it.

  11. The only value I see is for a small organization, where the blog was private and they were using a blog platform as a simple way of tracking an event/tiny project over a limited time period.

    Like a collective diary of work activity. That's only the real situation of great value for these 2 features of wordpress.

    I have tried blogging while on vacation/away from home. In 2010, we were in Europe for 4 wks. cycling, taking trains and staying in some places for a few days. I took tons of photos daily.

    I managed to squeeze out 1 blog post of any acceptability for Internet publishing. But I used the normal post page way of creating the blog post. After drafting the text off-line in Word first.

    But I delayed blogging anything further about the trip until I returned to Canada.

    While vacationing in Canada, I have drafted blog posts. But was not ready to publish. I just didn't want to spoil my vacation, by spending too much editing photos, blogging, etc. :) I'm not getting paid for my personal blog. So, no hurry for me to blog in-the-minute.

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