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Who all operates your blog?

  1. Good morning WP!

    as time goes on and our individual blogs group, posts and such can increase rapidlly, how many of you all do it all alone or how many of you manage your blog as a team? We operate ours as a team there is 4 of us who handle things
    which consist of 2 admin, 1 contributor and 1 editor...if it was'nt for this things would be so hectic...going over to correct grammatical area's on links and post...making sure we dont have dealinks or useless info on our blog and so on.

    personally working as a team makes the blogs more interesting we all work on and seeing the various povs makes its all the better which is great

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which blog? lol :D

    I have a back-up co-Admin, whom I trust on my blogs and that's it. I do publish guest author posts on my blogs. They are emailed to me as I do not allow access to the Admin area of my blog to anyone else aside from my co-Admin who can take over if and when I'm not available do to illness or hospitalization. I will never ever have contributors, editors, authors or additional Admins as I'm not into turning my blogs into team blogs.

    Best wishes for productive team blogging. :)

  3. Unfortunately for me it's all a one woman job. I try my best to edit any typos/grammar I come across. It would be nice to have some contributors I could trust to post some fun content for the readers.

  4. I am also a one woman blogger. I love it, I find it much more fulfilling and allows me to become so much closer to my readers.

  5. Yep! It's just me and although it's hard to maintain sometimes, I like it that way. As Sarah said, it's definitely fulfilling.

  6. @ right TT lol you like need an army for all your blogs
    well most definately see where your coming about the admin area's personally though truth be told i'm actually the contributor because swaggtalk100 started the blog lol and he knows he can trust me so now issues there. The other two members of our team is his best friend and my neice so we're all good as far as possible breach issues. I like that idea though TT about guest author posts on blogs thats a one cool tip i`ll have to use in the future.

    @edwilson, sarah and pie
    Now i`m digging that you all are handling your business with your blogs solo, the good thing about that there is no limit to ones creative writing skills or competition within your own circle. Your shining on your own time completely agent free so thats a good thing, Guess with myself its not that I dont mind doing all the work just seeing the other team members creative juices flowing amongst makes it all the better.

    not to mention I am the type o queen so at times when my fingers cant catch up with my brain (which is 90% of the time) there needs to be somebody to clean up the mess i`ve made lol, seriously blogging is getting cooler by the way to me its almost like i look forward to seeing everybodies pov on things, plus its strengthening my writing skills.

  7. Nope, one-man-army here :) I guess like the majority of us here, all writing, editing, designing, planning and blogging is done by one person. Nice that you have a team that can help take off some workloadcus sometimes it can be a lot of work.

  8. @starsquid

    So its solo bolo everybody prefers, yes it does get hard not to mention what if any of us especially those who have more blogs or those that are well know and prominant, things do happen where we might need another person to handling a few things even if its not an emergency.

  9. ?

  10. I'm just starting out the operation, but so far it''s a one man band! I'm trying to get my son involved as a contributor down the road. It will probably end up as interviews or videos, but I will have to do all the heavy lifting...These things are a lot of work, so having one or two others to contribute sounds like a great idea!!

  11. @plumbnsquare

    Allowing others Admin access to your blog can be fraught with disaster if you are not extremely cautious about assigning roles. Adding an Admin and then having a spat with them can and has resulted in deleted blogs because all Admin's have the ability to delete the blog. Worse still as we had cases of a new Admin deleting the original Admin without their prior agreement, Staff had to create a system whereby Staff assistance is required to delete the original Admin of the blog. See >

  12. Thanks for the info again TT, very helpful indeed when choosing a blogs role, So it seems that either Author or Contributor is the safest way to go.

    You make a good point though, would hate to fall out with
    somebody and they delete us bloggers hard work and efforts...that would suck on so many levels. :(

  13. I do everything alone.

  14. All by myself. It's very fun and so far not too much work.

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