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Who Amung Us not adding up

  1. Hi,
    At I added the whoamungus widget to each post. Thing is the numbers are not adding up. On the post Cool contest # 3 I have had over 100 hits and it still says 1 on the widget.
    I know raincoaster has this on her blog and I wonder if there is something else I need to do to have the widget add up the numbers.
    Also, at the amoungus site, they are asking for a 8 character key. Rain, do you know what that is?

  2. It counts people on your blog at any particular time, not the total people who've been on that post that day.

    I don't know anything about an eight character key. You should just click on the icon and get to the page with your totals on it; mine, because it's on the sidebar, counts everyone on the blog and which post they're on.

  3. I have no such widget. But I have a new Category widget.


  4. It's something from you put in a text widget.

  5. hmmm so it only shows who/numbers currently on the site and not the accumulation of reader's then? Thanks for that info Raincoaster.... I thought it was an accumulation. I guess a sidebar placement would be better than a post placement then. I will modify to that.

    Thanks for the info.

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