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Who are you?

  1. It's always good to get to know another, yes?

    Let's begin. I am just your regular 15 year old high-school student. I recently closed my business/website, and, am looking to experience blogging. Oh! And, I am working my way into NYU (Mainly what my blog is about). :)

    How old are you? And, What do you for a living?

  2. I'm Tina, 19.
    I'm a student.

    Lain is 18(19almost)
    She wants to join the circus and she enjoys falling on her face.

    We share a blog with pictures.

  3. I am what you see in my avatar. Age is none of you concern. Well, I mess up with people sometimes (like the one throwing this stupid thread) if that's you mean by 'what you do for a living'.

    Hail to The Pithecus Sanctus,
    Hail BabaliciouS!

  4. Oh I won't even go for the age thing here! :) West Coast woman right here. Work full time, have a kid, married...all that good stuff! :)

  5. davidscubadiver

    Scuba diver, who pays for his habit by working as an attorney. I love the the underwater safari!

  6. Just another newbie of spiritual reality ....

  7. I'd prefer people going to my blog and read the short but truthful stuff I wrote about myself.

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