Who can build my blog for me?

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    Dear WordPress:

    I have tried my best to follow the worpress tutorial but I am lost I cannot build my blog (I spent $99.00 on the wordpress package). I need someone to build the blog for me so that I can simply write and upload photos from time to time. Please advise if you offer this type of service on a paid basis or if you can recommend an outside service.

    Please do not send me back to the drawing board and suggest that I again try to do this myself. I have made repeated attempts and will not be successful. I need the equivalent of “WordPress For Idiots” and that is not your tutorial.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is dogspeakblog.com.



    Have you seen http://learn.wordpress.com? You really don’t need ANY upgrades at all if you just want to go ahead and blog. I do suggest the domain upgrade, but other than that, are you really going to be uploading your own videos and coding your own CSS? Doubtful. I think you just overloaded on a bunch of upgrades you probably won’t need, and since they all allow you to do custom stuff to your blog, you’ve suddenly got more options than you know what to do with.

    I do beginner’s workshops online but am not going to be doing another till January. The video should just get you started, and you can also look at the Support documents if you have a specific question, like “how do I upload photos”. http://en.support.wordpress.com/



    Thanks, but I am really looking for someone to build the blog for me. I have become very frustrated (plus I am really starting to feel stupid). If you can suggest someone, that would be really helpful.


    I think you’re overthinking. There is nothing to build. Everything is already in place and ready for you to do just what you stated…. type posts and upload pictures. No upgrades are necessary.

    Once you have signed up, go to your Dashboard and start typing in the new post box provided, then click “Publish”. Pictures can easily be uploaded to the Media Library, then inserted in posts.

    I really don’t know how much easier it could be.


    They do sell “WordPress For Dummies”.



    I’ll build it for you. Here’s a tip – If you want to upload and write stuff on your WordPress blog, and you have Windows 7 installed on your computer, there’s a nifty program called “Windows Live Writer” which is a blog posting application. Go to the start menu and type Windows Live Writer. Set it up and you’re good to go!



    Yeah, but the setup is not intuitive. Easier to just learn how to blog.

    If you can define “build the blog” I can give you an estimate, but I assure you, the blog is ready and all you have to do is go to Dashboard->Posts->New Post and start writing. When you’re done, click Publish. Done.

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