Who can design a custom theme for me for a fee

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    I don’t know CSS, and I couldn’t find a free theme that meets my needs. I am looking for someone who can design a theme for me for a reasonable price and agree not to publish the code. What I want is pretty simple – something like this blog http://sabrinahuang.typepad.com/ which is what I currently use.

    I need:
    -a 3 column layout: article in the middle, one sidebar on each side
    -a large customizable header (I provide jpg file, you write the code)
    -help me set up the layout with the widgets I want

    Send me an email with your fee, your timeline, and your work. You will need to have a paypal account.

    Sabrina at (email redacted)



    We do not allow commercial activity on our forums here. Best bet would be to check out the Pro List and ask for professional help there. That or people can contact them at the email address provided, but please do not reply in this thread.




    Sorry about posting this request here, but thank you Trent for telling me where to go to.


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