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who can see a 'private' post?

  1. Who can see a private post? Is it registered users only?
    Do I have to ok registered users?

  2. Registered users who are logged in on the self hosted WP blogs. Not sure if you have to add them into your Dashboard -> Users page here though.

    I threw up a Private post on my test blog. Tell us what you see. :)

  3. Yip. I can.

    Hmm. I was hoping just my users could see them.
    Will need to password protect as well.

  4. I read, "Test post for private status to see if one can see a Private post." Is that it? Does that mean that any registered user, logged-in, can see any private post?

    That kind of defeats the purpose of private posts, doesn't it? When it says "private", I assume it means for-my-eyes-only -- and it should. At most, the only other people who should be able to see them should be my subscribers.

  5. Is that post definately marked private drmike? I can see it whether I'm logged in or out (even with lots of refresh).

  6. Check mine, then. Do you see any videos (besides the Apple one)?

  7. Nope.

  8. Alright! That means you don't see my private posts.

  9. One more question: I know this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum, but is there still an issue regarding private posts showing in rss feeds? I've another blog with private posts that seem to be included on the feed page.

  10. Is it included in your feed when you're logged out? Just a thought. I had a look through the source of your feed & couldn't find any other video objects anywhere. Want to do a test post at the top? (Something like THIS IS A PRIVATE POST) and I'll see if I can see it in the feed.

  11. Oh haha, why you're right. I logged out and checked, and none of them show. Righto, so no issue there.

    Just for future reference: Private posts aren't visible (on your page, on your dashboard or on your feed) to any other user besides yourself, irrespective of user role.

  12. Well, it was marked Private. Now it's marked Published. WTF?

    Feel free to check it again if you want. I set it back as to Private and then checked it as well.

    It's marked as "Test post for private status to see if one can see a Private post."

    Link directly to post to see if you can force it to come up.

    I am not seeing it when I am logged out.

  13. Nope, that's saying "not found" now. It works!

  14. Dang those WP gremlins. :)

  15. anyway when you have a private post...mark it private and do not hit the PUBLISH button... otherwise the post status will change to publish and make your private thoughts become public.... instead press the SAVE button

  16. So that's what happened on mine. I was wondering about that.

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