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who changed my username?

  1. I was not pretending as Timethief.

  2. Then why is her blog linked to your username?

  3. It's obvious we have 2 user names here, differing by a letter. Apparently the code allows (if even by trickery) to let another user refer to someone else's blog (as timechief has done). Ouch. I don't think that should be allowed, at least if there is database info that someone else owns the blog being hosted at WP.COM. Maybe it shouldn't even be allowed (for users here) unless the blog is hosted here (even if under a user's private domain ... which WP.COM would have to know about so the HTTP software can recognize the Host name in the HTTP request).

    But it seems obvious to me that someone is playing tricks that WP support needs to be informed of.

  4. timechief: why does your profile at show "Website: " with the name of timethief's blog?

    I could have believed it could be just a weird way of promoting someone else's blog because you liked it. But the posted comment in this thread that said "Thanks everyone for your feedback." ... a thread you did not start or even previously post in, convinces me your intents are to cause confusion at some level.

  5. @timechief
    Spare us any bullshit.
    1. You originally deliberately used the same avatar I was using.
    2. You posted into this thread that I created thanking others for their feedback.
    3. I stated the forgoing and changed my gravatar to a copyrighted image and you changed yours to that the little girl image.

  6. Then why is her blog linked to your username?

    Is this illegal?

  7. Quite right it is! Impersonating a blogger is wrong!

  8. Wow, there are some sad twats about.

  9. @ard. Same one do you think?

  10. Linking is not illegal. Linking in the context that it is your website might be against WP policy. But the additional actions sure looks like an effort to impersonate in more than one way.

    timethief: you might consider the possibility your computer security may be compromised, too.

  11. Possibly, although there are a lot of intolerable little children using the internet these days.

  12. Definitely far too much time on your hands.

  13. the little girl image.

    I've the MSc Psychology degree lol saying me the little girl.

  14. Yes, I thought so. I'd like to give this person a bloody good kicking all the way around my courtyard. You intolerable little creature.

  15. @Jessie
    You're using unfriendly language which is against TOS.

  16. @timechief

    No, not TOS.

    But you have certainly been acting against the code of conduct ons thee forums. Your first posts certainly look like impersonations of another blogger / a regular and trusted volunteer.Your responses here now are baiting folks here to attack you.

    Whatever your reasons for the deceptions, I will close this thread.

  17. @TimeChief I seen the same avatar represented as TimeThief's avatar via your account earlier as well your username link to TimeThief's website, so it's very obvious you were causing false representation of TimeThief in the Forum Threads you responded to... If the impersonation continues from here on you will have your forum privileges revoked... Count this as your only and final warning like Tess, said it's against the forum code of conduct...

  18. @timechief, our forums should be used to help users. Impersonating a trusted volunteer by using their Gravatar and site link in your profile are not appreciated. Please keep everything respectful here. Our forums are an excellent resource for getting help and that's what we'd like to focus on.

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