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who changed my username?

  1. Please see here:
    I was was answering a support thread when I suddenely noted my username had been changed.
    Mar 13, 2012, 10:53 AM
    I have not made username change - YIKES! What's going on here?

  2. Interesting also that you have only been here one week with your new (secret??) ID :)

  3. Fascinating!

  4. I'm feeling like watching the Movie ''Resident Evil'' You know the clones :)

  5. Cue X Files music. Weird! We've had a hoodoo put on us. But by whom???

  6. I saw that the other day and thought it was you who'd done it and wondered why. It has to be staff.

  7. You seem to be back to yourself now.

  8. Look here and note that I did not register this username and do not own the private blog at and whoever "timechief" is appears to have linked their username to my blogging tips blog

  9. oops! I did not state that correctly. That "timechief" username profile page has my blog URL appearing on it.

  10. i wondered about panos being "justpi" here too. Someone is having a laugh?

  11. That's the original username Panos had. :)

  12. This is against TOS (I think). That account should be blocked. Shouldn't it?

  13. No "timechief" is a different username from mine which is "timethief".

    The issues are:
    (1) is that my blog URL is found on the "timechief" profile page
    (2) the links to forum threads on that "timechief" profile page are to my "timethief" comments made into forum threads that are incorrectly attributed to "timechief"
    (3) all of the "timechief" username links to the blog in those threads are linked to my my

  14. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

  15. I did not post this >
    I'm not posting as "timechief" and that could mean some troll is attempting to mislead people by impersonating me.

  16. Now if it dares to capture my copyrighted avatar image I have it cold and will report the copyright violation immediately.

  17. These forums are getting weirder by the day. What with trolls and impersonators and the like I could write a book.........ooh there's a thought. Lol.
    Hope you get it sorted TT.

  18. Oh I will get this sorted with Staff help - not to worry.

  19. It seems like timechief has changed her avatar

  20. @timechief
    You did not post this thread - I did. So why are you pretending to be me and thanking people for feedback here >

  21. @tandava: justpi is my other username, and using it is my own choice. Doesn't seem to be the case with TT.

    @TT: Did you upload this?

  22. @justpi
    Yes! I uploaded it because the imposter was using my other avatar.

  23. Have you looked at that image. Very strange. I just put it on close up on iPad. I have my suspicions. Very young but I guess it may be a fake.

  24. Ooh I don't mean tt's image I meant erm tc's

  25. @jessielansdel
    I believe you mean this "timechief" image, right?
    The impersonator was using the gray haired avatar image I used so I changed to this one

  26. Yes that's the one. It looks eerie doesn't it. Creepy.

  27. You did not answer timethief's question:

    You did not post this thread - I did. So why are you pretending to be me and thanking people for feedback here >

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