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WHO decides what the BEST posts are for "Freshly Pressed"??

  1. because, in the past couple days i've written THE BEST POST (well, maybe one of the TOP FIVE) and even though nobody reads my stuff, it's still one of the top 5. go ahead, "freshly pressed" best-of-deciders --. read "japhy ryder ..." and you decide!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Self praise is NO recommendation.

  3. Please don't spam the support forums.

  4. In the event that you have not already read this entry see here > Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

  5. @betunada

    Moved to Showcase Forum where you can promote your blog. It would be best to provide some specific details to interest potential readers about your blog.

    For example, saying "my best post" is too vague. Include particular information about the general topic of your blog's subject and some details (perhaps a snappy quote?) about a recent post—why do you think it's a good post?

  6. roughseasinthemed

    While the original post may be spurious, the question is not.

    I have seen plenty of FP blogs that have absolutely no unique content at all, that do not write in short pars, have a poor headline and few or no original pictures.

    And, no-one has answered WHO decides. One does wonder whether it is a robotic choice.

  7. thanx, everybody. i'm back to laboring obscurely and relatively anonymously again.

    did read the "5 ways", and chuckled at the other responses.

  8. @roughseasinthemed
    I clicked the "freshly pressed" tag in the sidebar on this thread and searched. Here is your answer:
    Jul 12, 2010, 5:22 AM
    Hi Mikey, I sift through a lot of posts each day and hand-pick the posts I like the best. Other staff members also pick posts, but I am the primary person behind Freshly Pressed.

    Contrary to the previous comments left here on this thread, traffic -- or "hits" or "Page Views" as it's described here -- play no part in being picked for Freshly Pressed. It is all about the quality of the post itself.

  9. @betunada
    Haveing a posts featured on tyhe Freshly Pressed page results in a flood of opne git wonders who enter the post and click out on the same link. Doing that is referred to as "a bounce". In fact the vast and overwhelming number of those who do click in from the Freshly pressed page will not return to your blog. They will be one hit wonders that skew your stats. My focus is on reducing bounce rate.

  10. @betunada
    I'm visually challegened and apologize for not using my app before clicking submit. I meant to type:
    Having a post featured on the Freshly Pressed page results in a flood of one hit wonders who enter the post and click out on the same link.

  11. roughseasinthemed

    Thanks for that TT. So it's essentially totally subjective which explains a lot. If I was to pick Freshly Pressed posts or you were, no doubt we would have very different choices. 'Quality' is always dependent on our personal preferences.

    Appreciate you hunting it down.

  12. You're welcome.

  13. This is not actually in the Showcase forum.

  14. It was in the Showcase Forum for 5 days. As the blogger never returned to the thread and has not published a post since then I flagged this and asked for it to be moved here.

  15. Why? what good does it do here?

  16. I thought it was basically as Discussion thread. If you don't agree flag it again.

  17. That's great to know. Thanks timethief. I had no idea that the stats have nothing to do with Freshly Pressed (not like I would ever get on there anyway). :)

    I need a ton of more writing practice, that's for sure!

  18. @betunada - Sorry, I cannot read blogs with a black background and small writing because I really need new glasses. Sorry. :(

  19. thanx lizfruitberry! i've experimented with themes and i realize i have yet to come up with something more optimal. i'm still having trouble, um, tweaking/figuring out how to make it work. (was spoiled by other blogs and sites basically being "drop and drag").

    EVERYBODY: appreciate continuing the discussion -- such things as TT noting "one hit wonders" and stats having nothing to do with it.

    (continuing laboring more obscurely, etc.)

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