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Who did what to the Albeo theme?

  1. WordPress, I presume, may have changed the sidebar HTML for the Albeo theme today, because my custom CSS overrides for it were continuing to work perfectly until mid-afternoon but now (10pm) most of my custom CSS for the sidebar no longer works.

    The only obvious change I can see is the sidebar h3 title tags were possibly changed into h2 title tags.

    I say "possibly" because I can't recall seeing h2 used for sidebar title tags before today, and I was styling them with h3 title tags as my CSS hook.

    And all the changes I made to this layout in the last few weeks were in place perfectly, like I said, until this afternoon, which tells me someone changed the HTML on the back-end today.

    Yes, no, maybe?

    I tried to recode the sidebar but the supporting HTML looks like tag soup to me now - I can barely make heads or tails of it. Excuse me while I entertain a serious "wth" moment.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You keep your CSS subscription up to date? It could have run out. If not try contacting support.

  3. Agreed and here's the link in case you need it >

  4. Well, I paid for my subscription less than a month ago (or maybe about a month ago) so it's still good for 11 more months. But sometime between when I posted this last night and right now today it seems to have been fixed, without me changing anything in my CSS. I just hope it stays fixed! :)

  5. Aha! It sounds like Staff were monitoring forum threads and worked some magic on your blog. I'm glad to hear it's displaying your CSS edits now. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

  6. Thank you! :)

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