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Who do you write for?

  1. I write for myself, personally.

    If you write for your readers, what type of readers are you trying to target? In other words, who is your target audience?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I write for the experience, and of course the readers. I tend to lure gamers to check out my blog. But anyone else is welcome too.

  3. I write for myself mostly, being depressed keeps me in the house a lot, I'm trying with my blog to make some sense of things by putting things down, plus it gives me an insentive to do something...

    Hugs Carole x

  4. I write for people interested in technology, and even people that aren't. I make my blog as comfortable as possible for anyone to go to, just like a home. Just as it should be, my blog is for everyone.

  5. Im trying to make sence of things, I am in and out of hospitals and seeing different psych nurses all the time, i like to keep track of things.

  6. I write for fellow fish people and for myself. i love to write about fish and a blog encourages me to do that. It is fun and i learn alot on the side.
    Also a place to put articles for people interested to look.

  7. celticmusicfan

    I am interested in music in general. But I want to have a specific genre so as not to alienate my audience.I have other blogs but they deal with rock music, bands,rech stuff and personal essays. But this is the one I am most proud of .

  8. i write for anyone that wants to read my blog.
    only about three people that are close friends with me has access to my blog. partly because i dont want to explain my deep emotional feelings to them and repeated 2 or 3 times.
    this way they can choose to read it when they want.
    what i write is mostly about what i think about, life, events that happened and thoughts.
    i like it when people take the time to decide to read it. even if its a total stranger, feels good that someone you dont know is following it. even though it does sound abit stalkerish creepish.

  9. I write for like minded people I guess,
    so procastinators who don't really know what the future holds and have a secret admiration for poetry :)

  10. I write for myself to clear the mind of an analytical thinker.
    I try to find answers and for others to give me incite, so that I may be one step closer to claiming my sanity.

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