Who else has these problems?

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    Since we got the new layout, I have not been able to load pictures into my blog via Firefox Worpress hangs). I have to fetch IE, load the picture there, and then go back to Firefox. Moreover, the align command does not work. I can only align left and cannot wrap around text.

    Today I started losing my edit toolbar and at one point I was having to insert HTML manually – defeating the point of blog software.

    Also when I came back from IE, I could preview the picture but not see the code. Then all my code vanished deformating the entire post including the links. I have just lost three hours work.

    Is WordPress going to get fixed or is it time to move along?


    I hate this new dashboard. Not only do I have problems with images, but today I had no way to add my categories, I published it anyway, and then what I published was gone. I have gone from posting almost every day on my wordpress blogs to almost not at all. I’m beginning to think they just don’t want us here. It makes no sense at all to me, to change something that was working fine and turn it into a process that is more complicated for users, unless you just don’t want so many users. Does anyone know what is REALLY going on here? What was the purpose of making such dramatic changes? Has WordPress accomplished what they had intended with all these changes?



    I would recommend using a offline blog editor so
    you have a back up of your content

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    I agree with catherinemorgan – the blessing is I spend less time blogging – it has become unpleasant.

    It is so erratic. It saves whenever it feels like it – I was trying to fix the picture alignment and it saved in the middle of editing html code – overwriting what was good even if it was ugly.

    yep – don’t know their motivation but I do know the effect.



    Ditto the above. When things don’t work, or work only intermittently, it kills the spontaneity that’s at the heart of blogging. And there’s nothing worse than putting heart and soul into a post, only to discover auto-save (or even manual save) wasn’t working and you’ve lost everything. :(



    “Swanky new” doesn’t work for me either. This morning, I gave up on trying to do the same thing I did a few months ago without a problem. It’d be SO nice if the WP folks could leave the older, simpler version for those of us who aren’t professional computer geeks. On that note, though, I found out this evening that even my professional computer geek brother-in-law can’t make the swanky new gallery setup work, so the changes and “improvements” go beyond just making things difficult for us normal folk.

    It’s very, very disappointing to me that WordPress changed so much over such a short period of time and what was a good thing is quickly turning into a pain in the behind. *Sigh*… new and improved it ain’t. Just new and impossible to make work as far as the media manipulation is concerned, and new and annoying as far as the dashboard goes.

    Why oh why can’t people leave well enough alone when it works? Why oh why do they feel the need to go for swanky new which doesn’t work? I don’t get it, I really don’t.



    Please know that you are not alone scotchcart. I too have been having “graphic issues” since the new format and I too use Firefox which I prefer over IE.

    My problems are not always solved using IE so blogging less *has* been a by-product as windwhistle says.

    I really prefer the WordPress format over Blogger and Y360 is dead so I hope that these problems are repaired here. I am keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to continue blogging using Firefox and WordPress: I find it theraputic.

    Take care all.

    Oh and iF anyone finds a GOOD off-line blogging editor I am all ears. I have tried quite a few but none of them were suitable.



    Windows Live Writer works very well.



    I think that WLW was one of the first ones I tried Vivian, but I will give it another shot. I want to get the joy back and the frustation out of what was supposed to be a fun and therapeutic hobby.

    A month later and I STILL cannot upload images with regularity and adding categories is impossible! for me on this new dashboard. I just have to re-try things over and over again.

    Everyone have a good weekend.



    Hi Vivian – now I remember what I did not like about Live Writer. I downloaded it and installed it again and I was prompted to put in my name and some other information leading me to believe that this was another Microsoft method of stealing info from me.
    I deleted it as soon as it asked me for personal information the first time. This time I can askyou, a user, what an why is information requested to be inputed online?

    I am looking for a piece of software that I put on my hard drive and edit privately then upload to my blog.

    Thanks in advance.



    WLW ask for that info so it can publish to you’re blog if you don’t provide that info
    then the software has no clue were to publish your posts….

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