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Who else here loves playing with widgets?

  1. kennethmarkhoover

    I was going to post this in the widget forum but to be fair it's less a "problem" with a particular widget than it is a love of widgets in their entirely. Therefore, I am posting it in this catch-all forum.

    But, to get right to the point, who else here loves to play with their widgets? I know I do. :P I move 'em around, test 'em, but usually end up keeping them where I had them to begin with.

    But, come on, they ARE fun to play with, right? :P

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think there are that many that have a purpose for me :/ Is there a different amount if you pay for WP?

  3. I have used the widgets (and if you understand each different type of widget, it's free) with different things.

    The downside sometimes, is that the reader has to wait a few extra seconds for things to download.

    I'll let you be the judge, since all of mine do use different types of widgets. Admittedly I like the end result...provided it works.

  4. I LOVE messing with widgets! I'm constantly playing around with them. And like you said, I usually wind up keeping them the same as they were before I messed with

  5. It's fun to play around with widgets when changing to a new theme. Usually I stick with my widgets all year round until I decide on a better theme.

  6. Once I find a widget that works and looks good/useful (I hope!), I keep it indefinitely on the blog.

  7. I'm a bit afraid to touch my widgets. I'm not good tech wise. I have this phobia that if I touch anything my blog will disappear....

  8. kennethmarkhoover

    Haha, I have to confess I played with 'em again yesterday...and ended up putting them right back where I had them before. :P

    Someday I will find the perfect widget. That's my personal Holy Grail. :P

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