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Who exactly is timethief, drmike, and sulz?

  1. Who ARE you guys, are you like super beings that never sleep. You seem to reply to EVERY post that there is?

  2. Did you see Spielberg's AI? :DDD

  3. Dedicated users and volunteers that help people with support questions (without compensation) out of the goodness of their hearts.


  4. On a side note, Trent, your sidebar is dropping in IE6 on your blog.

  5. thanks drmike. will fix when not on a cell phone.... ;)


  6. Why can't I have hundreds of replies like other threads???

  7. squirel - you need to find others your own age to play with.

  8. Oh, fine. I take ONE day off and everyone forgets all about me. That's okay, I've still got my poetry.

  9. I never forgot about you. I assumed you were celebrating your birthday. And you have only hinted at the date. Would you care to share it?

  10. You didn't miss much.


  11. July 10th, 680 BC or so it feels this afternoon.

  12. Yesterday ... sheesh
    Happy Belated Birthday and many happy returns.

  13. Thanks.

  14. happy belated birthday raincoaster!

  15. Pfft! These people? Never heard of 'em. Now, Raincoaster? She's famous! ;)

  16. Okay, Collin, you can have me.

  17. :)

  18. *rotflmao* I'd love to have a lotus-land party and invite you crazies to it.

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