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Who has my expired domain and how can I renew it?

  1. Hi, I just spoke with Wild West Domains where my expired domain purchased via WP now resides.

    It expired July 2012, I've tried relentlessly to renew via WP with no success. I received the error 1001 code in doing so. Even though I was still charged the $26.

    Being that WHOIS now states Wild West being the new owner, I contacted them. They said renewal has to be done via WP. It's a perpetual circle.

    I'm simply trying to renew Will someone please help? Thank you.
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  2. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. You can subscribe to the RSS Feed in the sidebar of this thread so you will be alerted when Staff post into it to help you.

  3. I understand and apologize for the duplication. Have simply been trying to resolve this since Tuesday.

    I sincerely, sincerely appreciate your attention and request for Staff attention. The request is most graciously appreciated.

    Again, my apologies.


  4. Your domain name is in redemption - that requires special handling by the staff to renew

  5. expired on July 12 and is in the redemption period.

    I have refunded the excess charges and sent you an email with further details. Please reply via email when convenient.

  6. Thank you so much for the response and clear directions in your email. I will follow the steps you have advised.

    Thank you, greatly for your response.

  7. You're welcome!

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