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    Is there a way to know WHO has subscribed to the blog?

    The blog I need help with is accreditationblog.wordpress.com.




    However, if the emphasis above on WHO means do you have a record of actual names and personal information then the answer is no.



    Hi TT. I’m curious to find out why the “followers” count given by the Admin Bar’s “Notifications” pop-up is different from the “blog followers” count at the bottom of my stats page. Do you know?


    I found the Stats and looked at followers. It does contain the email addresses for subscribers to the blog. This is exactly what I needed.



    I’m sorry I have no answer for you.



    Please be aware that when visitors provide an email address for the purpose of receiving your published posts only. That’s the only purpose they are submitting it for. In come countries like Canada if our email addresses are used for any purpose other than what we agree to in advance that’s against the law.



    edit: “come ” was meant to be “some”



    In my case as I am a Canadian I submit my email address only for two specfic purposes:
    to receive blog updates of new posts
    to submit comments
    If any blogger dares to use my email address to send my unsolicited information I did not agree to in advance they are very sorry. After I unsubscribe I tell everyone of my followers I have been spammed and I tell them who spammed me. Then I report the spammer.


    TT, i think izaakmak is asking the same as i am.

    I have a total of 154 follows in stats.

    I have 119 followers 4 of which are email followers, that is understood by me.

    I have 35 comment followers, no names etc, what is this for, what does it mean.


    What i meant is, if they are not following my blog by the means of post up-dates how can they be called followers.



    I don’t know. I can’t find any threads that clearly provide an answer either so I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    Sometimes I click on the little box “notify me of new comments” when I leave a comment somewhere – saves me going back and looking for new comments.

    Maybe just that simple



    That makes sense. Thanks for wading it. :)



    This is your thread and the ethical way to proceed to create an email list is to post a contact form on a page. Above the form on your page you can state what it is that you wish to email and ask for permission to email it, which will be achieved by the visitor completing the contact form and agreeing to receive what you wish to email to them.


    @ auxclass, no that’s not it, in comment followers there is a list of my posts and the most followers at a post is 8 and the least is 1.



    @DP – if I add up the comment followers in the list, it totals 69, yet the total goven on the front page is 57 – I deduce from this that the count on the front page of comment followers is the individuals concerned: some may have followed more that one post’s comments.

    I believe auxclass is correct – it is the count of individuals who have clicked to receive notification of follow-up comments on a particular post.

    I agree that they are not followers of the whole blog though and therefore should not be included in the total.

    Then again, I don’t think Twitter followers should be included either, as the number of Twitter referrals I get are minimal at best!

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