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The New Sharing Options Thread

  1. My site has "show sharing buttons on: posts only" but they appear on all my static pages as well. Seems like a bug.

  2. The first day I set up my sharing buttons, due to a glitch mentioned somewhere else, the stats report was populated with 72 false hits. The count has risen by 2 or 3 since then, but the new details merged with the original 72. Obviously the stats are useless this way. Is there any way to reset or restart the stats at 0? I've already tried turning them off and back on, but they retained the false data.

  3. This is a great feature, I was waiting for this
    Why do I have a two arrows " >> " over each icon ?!!

  4. I'm having trouble with the reddit and digg share buttons. When I click on "Share" with those buttons, it prompts me to create a reddit or digg post with a address. But reddit asks users not to "Link with tinyurl or similar service. There are few reasons to hide what you're linking to, and most of them are sneaky", so i have to replace the link with my own, and then it seems the smart reddit button doesn't work properly in tracking the post to reddit and its up- and downvotes. i think the digg button has the same problem, it looks for the shortened URL.

  5. Really nice feature! I am wondering if someone was able to share at Orkut already (?). I didn´t fing any link there to use at wordpress

  6. @frouglas
    I have seen another mebr post the same problem. Please go directly to Staff using this link

    I'm sorry but there is no share button specifically for orkut.

  7. @krezz: Yes, I was able to add Orkut to my bar and it worked fine (I removed it since).

    Follow the instructions on the Support documentation:

    This is the information you need under "Sharing URL":


  8. @airodyssey
    Good catch ... I need coffee. lol :D

  9. @timethief: Pas de problème :-)

  10. - I THINK I have the shared and the like button features "on" as indicated under support, however they are not showing up for my post. What, pray tell, am I doing wrong?

  11. @denverwoodmen: I see your "Share" and "Like" buttons when I view an individual post.

    If you want the "Share" button to appear on the front page as well, from your Dashboard, go to Settings > Sharing and change the "Show Sharing buttons in" setting to "Posts and Index pages"

    For the "Like" button, I think they only appear on individual posts. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  12. @denverwoodmen: Thanks, airodyssey. When I go into my blog, I do not see the buttons. When I click on recent posts, the share button is there and then google ads followed by the usual leave a comment boxes. I have yet to see the like button unless my 50 year old eyes are just blinded to it. I will change the seetings as you suggest. Thanks, again for your help.

  13. Thanks for this very useful sharing service.

    Mine was working ok yesterday but the Email icon has disappeared today.
    It seems to be within the source code but not appearing in any of the browsers Ive used to check it with IE/Chrome/Firefox
    Other icons seem to be working ok..

    For now I've patched things using addthis, though I much prefer the direct email option

    Thanks in advance for help

  14. I see your email button just fine. Try doing the Cookie Dance:

    Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart computer. That sometimes solves these kinds of visibility problems.

  15. I have enabled the sharing feature on my blog, But nothing shows up, at least as far as I can see. I did follow the instructions just above. Hope someone can help.


  16. Never mind.

  17. the big question is of course: When do we get this in the WP-download?

    It will be released as a plugin for use with self-hosted WordPress

    It is officially released for self-hosted wordpress
    It's name is Sharedaddy and was released by Automattic
    You can find it on this link

  18. i've tried and failed about five different times to add Google Reader sharing as an enabled service. i can manage the coding of adding a service, but i've got five "Google Reader" buttons in my "Available Services" area that i would like to delete. i've looked all over, but can't find a way to delete a custom service once it's been created. please help. thank you in advance.

  19. @thecivilcommentator: Hi. Drag and drop the services temporarily into the "Enabled Services" area. That will allow you to click on the little arrow next to the service name, and then on "Delete". Just be careful not to get mixed up with your existing services. :-)

    Hope it helps!

  20. @airodyssey: Thanks for the help! After seeing how easy it was, I feel foolish for having even asked. Thank you for much for your help and your time. Take care.

  21. @thecivilcommentator: You're very welcome! Best wishes with your blog :-)

  22. Hello, I don't have the option to enable the 'Show a like button and who has liked my post...' box. Is this because my wordpress is self-hosted and I'm using the Sharedaddy plugin?

  23. @rudeone: If you have a self-hosted WordPress.ORG blog, you are in the wrong forum. Please ask your question on http;// You are currently in a WordPress.COM forum and our answers will not apply to your situation.

  24. Oh, terribly sorry for that airodyssey. Thanks for re-directing :)

  25. On the sharing setting screen I can not drag any of the available services down. The pointer changes but nothing is actually dragged into the box. Thanks

  26. @ldawkins
    I have answered you in the other thread you posted to moments ago. Please log out of, clear your browser cache and cookies and log in again. If that does not work then please try another browser.

  27. @timetheif Thanks, it was a browser issue. I think it is an IE9 issue.

  28. Hello again,
    Yes, IE9 is BETA and has issues.
    Best wishes with your blogging. :)

  29. richardmitnick

    I have two blogs. I need to change the Twitter address in Sharing Settings for one of the blogs. I have a second Twitter page for that blog. How do I change the address to get the posts to go to the new Twitter page?

  30. What do you mean by second "page". Do your mean that you have two blogs or not?

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