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The New Sharing Options Thread

  1. I'm so sorry your aren't getting the help are looking for. May I suggest you fo directly to Staff rather than posting into multiple threads on the same issue? >

  2. richardmitnick

    Just saw your question, "What do you mean by second "page". Do your mean that you have two blogs or not? "

    I have two blogs, "MusicSprings" and "ScienceSprings".
    They are currently being fed to the same Twitter page. I want to split that up. So, I have a second Twitter page. I want to change the feed to Twitter for ScienceSprings so that it goes to this new Twitter page

  3. So I recently implemented the share buttons to my blog, but is there a way to find out WHO hit the "like" button for Facebook? It tells me that 2 people have "liked" it, but i'm not sure who they are.

  4. @steelbrooks: I wish I knew as well. I did some research and apparently, to get analytics on your Like buttons, you have to register with Facebook Insights, but it only works if you have your own domain name and if you can insert a Meta tag, which is not possible at WordPress.COM.

    Except if someone has another idea of course...

  5. Hi Markel,

    Great sharing options - thank you!

    Just having a problem with my Twitter smart button. When I click on the box showing the number of times the page has been tweeted, I always get an error page from Twitter that says, "Loading Tweets seems to be taking a while. Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. Try again or visit Twitter Status for more information."

    When I click on the same box on other websites, it seems to work as advertised, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with Twitter. Can you advise? Thanks for all your work, Markel.

  6. @barrygcooper: I noticed the same problem. It looks like this is happening overall when posts were not recently shared on Twitter (over the last 2-3 days). So it could be a problem on Twitter's end.

    This being said, to make sure, I tagged this for staff's attention but it would be faster if you contacted them directly:

  7. richardmitnick

    I am jumping to the end, to say that I have dumped all Publicize in favor of Sharing: Facebook, Twitter and Email-

    I have two blogs. Facebook only allows Publicize to go to one. I have two Twitter pages, which involved using two separate browsers and a second email address. This did not work well at all with Publicize.

    But, with Sharing, keeping the proper Twitter page open, the post gets properly linked.

    Email was a huge prublem with WordPress. I want to see what email subscribers will see, so I send the post to myself. I was told how to do it to separate them with two email addresses, but it was too much work. When I hit the email Share button, it asked for an address. When the email arrived, WordPress asked if I wanted to subscribe. I said yes.So, then email went where I wanted it to go.

    Sharing is better with Twitter because you get to write a full Twitter post, anything that fits. It is better for Facebook, because when I used Publicize, Facebook took whatever was the last graphic I used, no matter how many there were. Now, with Sharing, I get to pick the graphic.

    Sharing for me is a win win win.

  8. designthirdeye

    Don't know if anyone can help me.. but I wanted to add some sharing to my blog. I have two blogs.. one is for me to mess with and try stuff out on and the other one is the live one for my site. They both have the same version of wordpress, but the live one i want to add all the sharing too doesn't have all the options like the one i mess with. I don't even have the link for "Sharing" under "Settings" on the live one, and I don't know why. And under Dashboard there's only two links - Dashboard and Updates. I've had for a few years now..if anyone can tell me why the one I want the sharing on doesn't even have the option, please let me know... Thanks.

  9. We can't give you an accurate answer without the blog URL.

  10. Can the Sharing Settings menu have a list of services with tickboxes instead, so that it's easier to choose which services to include and in what order they would appear?

  11. blanchemarieleigh - it sounds like your suggestion would actually make it more complicated to choose services and sort them.

  12. Hi, I just built a new blog and spent so long trying to figure out how to put sharing buttons on. Eventually I ended up on this thread, but it was such a struggle. There is a lot of misinformation on these forums how to get them, with several people pointing to other websites etc.

    Anyway, my question is, can I have both facebook 'Like' and facebook 'Share' buttons separately?

  13. Perfect! Thank you.

  14. You're welcome. I keep meaning to put that on my blogs too, but I forget.

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