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Who inspires you?

  1. Who inspires(ed) you to make a life altering change?

  2. I didn't choose to follow a role model or to emulate anyone else. Change comes from within and to be honest no one inspired me either. I chose to make changes and to continue to make choices throughout my life to become the nest me I can be.

  3. "nest " was meant to be "best" sorry :(

  4. Traveling the world! The things i learn en see are really life changing!!
    So what inspires me? The world!

    What about you, you started this. At least I like an awnser from you? :)


  5. @rikvanos
    The question was: Who inspires(ed) you to make a life altering change? That's the first reason why I didn't give a what inspires me answer. :) The second reason was that I hovered over the blog link without clicking in. It's a christian blog and the answer we are supposed to provide is - god. Well, I can't do that as I am not a believer.

  6. Joss Whedon, Lady Gaga, Candace Bushnell, writers all.

  7. Honestly, my mother.

    Generally, I'm inspired by people who can practice extreme patience, inhumane (spelling?) kindness, and above the norm levels of self-expression and confidence.

    Other people that inspire me and may or may not satisfy that above criteria are Ghandi, Anne Hathaway, Meghan Tonjes and Tommy Douglas.

  8. @rick

    I was just interested to read who inspires people. Just because am a Christian doesn't mean i expect it to be God loool cause i know that may not be the case with everyone.

  9. @3up2reup
    So who does inspire you?

  10. This might sound cocky but I inspire myself.

  11. @ timethief

    My main inspiration is God. Yet, i've come across some inspirational people in my life also. Those who haven't got much, but make the most of life.


    That's all good, i actually find that interesting!

  12. I too am inspired by this God loool that 3up2reup refers to. loool is not the most well known god but He helps a lot of bloggers and for that we all give thanks.

    Like turnthrice, I am inspired by inhumane kindness, mainly because I can't work out how it is possible to be both inhumane and kind at the same time, so it makes me ponder.

    mylifeaselana may seem cocky, but I like her sideways view of life. Not enough people take photos of themselves from unusual angles.

    I am also inspired by life itself and the varied experiences that we all encounter along the way. It's nice to make light of life and bring a smile to faces. Or at least try to...

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