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Who is FB "liking" my blog posts?

  1. Now that I have changed my sharing button settings to "official", I am seeing a certain number of "likes" on the facebook button at the bottom of my posts. On this post for example: 14 likes show up on the button.

    What does this mean? Where do these likes show up? I tried "liking" the post myself to see if it showed up on my timeline but it doesn't. Sorry if this is a rookie question but I am a rookie. :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Those are Facebook Likes, people who have Liked your blog posts and had it show on their FB accounts. Because FB has some, if sketchy, privacy protections, you cannot follow the Likes to their source.

  3. Privacy thing makes sense. However, I liked the post too but don't see any evidence anywhere on my Facebook profile that I liked it. My husband liked it as well and we are friends on Facebook but I don't see anything about it on his profile either.

  4. A Like is different from a share. Only a share puts it in your timeline. I believe a Like is in your Likes box to the left on your timeline.

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