Who is subscribed to my blog?

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    How can I view the list of people who have subscribed to my blog?
    Thank you to anyone who can help me.

    The blog I need help with is soultransitions.com.



    Please link your username to blog link from profile>website first.

    If you have feedburner, you can see a number of subscriber and their emails. Your feed readers may be more than that feedburner count though.

    The best way is to ask it on your blog! Also, people may want to remain anonymous about this. There is no way to know it actually.

    You can install statcounter [non javascript version] to see IP addresses/places/countries of people who visit your blog.

    P.S.: I am definitely subscribed to your blog! ;)

    Expect some humorous replies when/if <b>Raincoaster</b> comes here!



    Google Webmaster Tools do provide a subscriber stats under Your Site on the web ->Subscriber stats.

    Feedburner also provides a subscriber stats which includes both e-mail but surprisingly both stats for my website does not match.



    Unmallya, the data will not match because people do not all the time click on the feedburner. They also click on the RSS button embedded in the browser address bar/toolbar.

    In wordpress.org that is why people use feedsmith, a plugin that gives total feed count.



    Leilah1, please link your username to your blog name from profile>website

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