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Who knows this movie?

  1. Hello fellow bloggers, here's a question that has nothing to do with blogging or WordPress. BUT, it's still a question, so:

    I was watching this movie (came in 1/2 way) and I really enjoyed it. I want to watch it again but I don't know the name of the movie >:|

    It was about a black American boxer (I think the name was George Chambers? Not sure if it's fictional, because I found nothin on wikipedia related to a boxer), who goes to a Russian maximum security prison, and has to fight the prison's own undisputed champion, if he wants to ever get out the prison.

    That's the best description I can give, sorry! Anyways, it would be uber-tastic if anyone could help me out :)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Google george chambers boxing movie.

  3. {we're at it again wolfieb}

  4. I find that is an indispensable resource for movie and TV questions (in much the same way that this forum is an indispensable resource for questions) and I'd always recommend checking there first for questions like this one. It took me about five seconds to find the answer to your question (see my previous link).

  5. Ok, thanks to the both of you - I tried google, all I got were wikipedia results about a British Prime Minister XD

    Thanks again to both, I'll keep in mind next time I have such a question :)

  6. thistimethisspace

    If was not in existence then all the entertainment bloggers would be hooped. ;)

  7. Now that the main purpose of the thread is resolved, who votes we turn this into a movie trivia thread??? Me, me, I do!!!!

    I'll start:

    Probably a softball considering I've been blathering on incessantly about this film. In this film Peter Sellers gives top notch acting performances as 3 major roles, inculding the title role, President Merkin Muffley, and Captian Lionel Mandrake. What film?

  8. The IMDB main forums are the root of all evil. I've been there for four years and most my online drama is from there.

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