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Who owns a WordPress blog?

  1. Who owns a wordpress blog? If my blog becomes very successful and I want to sell it, can I?

  2. The content is yours but the software is's. You couldn't sell a url to anyone.

  3. Thank you for the response. Therefore, if my blog gets popular I should move it to another host and then sell it? You always have to think positive.....

  4. I don't believe selling a blog would break our rules provided you're otherwise complying with the terms of service. You can transfer a blog to someone else any time you want, and you don't need our permission to do that.

    But I'd suggest asking carefully if there's significant money involved. The new owner will be bound by our ToS just like you are, and we're not obliged to honour any promises you make to them.

    i.e. if you sell your blog to someone else and they fill it with spam, we'll remove it. It's not our problem if that means your sale contract is broken. As ros said, you own the content but we own the url and software.

  5. If you have any thought about selling your blog, I strongly recommend getting your own domain. You can still have the blog here. Indeed, you can get the domain through

  6. Since you can't make money from a blog (no ads etc.) I'm struggling to think why anyone would want to pay you money for one, however successful it is.

    Unless you have the next Cheeseburger blog and go VIP, I suppose.

  7. @ ros: it's a typical beginner's question. Everyone thinks they're going to be Perez Hilton in six months.

    It's possible with the domain upgrade to sell the blog and move it off though.

  8. lettershometoyou

    What, you mean I'm not going to be Perez Hilton next month? Damn.

  9. Maybe I should rephrase the question....Can I use a WordPress Template on a third party hoster? Second, do all wordpress templates come "open source" or only specific ones?

  10. All of the code from all of the themes are visible/not compiled (AFAIK). Whether or not it is "open source" is based on the theme designer's terms and conditions that you agree to when you download that theme.

  11. If you're using a third-party hoster, you really want to head over to where you can download all the software and a huge variety of themes are available free to use.

  12. Who is Perez Hilton dear?? :(

  13. pornstarbabylon

    Perez Hilton is a celebrity blogger and outs anyone being gay and anyone who does drugs. Though he's gay himself and also a drug addict. Gets millions of hits a day and appears on many television news & celebrity outlets.

  14. No, Perez Hilton is a gossip blogger who has three to six million hits per day and makes a ton of money off his blog, which has also gotten him many other opportunities. But there are many people who do drugs which Perez Hilton knows about but about which he does not post. He has an agenda for what he posts.


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