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Who shared my blog using Facebook or Twitter

  1. thatfunnyblogguy

    I love that readers of my blog can click the share buttons to post about my blog on their social media site -- like Facebook and Twitter.
    What I would love even more is (as the admin of my blog) to be able to tell who did the sharing. For example, I can see that 3 people clicked the Facebook share and 2 others clicked the Twitter share, but I don't see anywhere in any of the maintainance pages a means to determine which reader did these shares. Is it possible?
    Thanks forum peoples. You're awesome.
    Unless you don't answer this. Then your just ok.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a Facebook and Twitter privacy issue and the answer that there is no way to know who shared your posts there from end of things.

  3. thatfunnyblogguy

    Not the answer I want.
    But I guess you're still awesome.

  4. People are concerned about online privacy these days with good reason. And I'm glad you didn't shoot the messenger. :)

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