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Who wants a books, music and games widget? ;)

  1. I found a site called where you can create a library for your books, music and games and create a clean html widget for your blog.. dont believe me? Check my blog.. :)

  2. *bump* :(

  3. ppl must be busy at work today, hence the lack of response. =)

    it's quite nice, thanks for the tip. *thumbs up*

  4. Interesting. Gonna check out the website u mentioned. Nice blog you have there. I do noticed that u put a paypal donation mentioning that ur taking medicine. I hope watever your sickness is, that you will recover soon.

  5. nice site thnx but I can't see any links for rss feeds of our own libs. how did you manage to do that?

  6. @ sulz

    Thanks. :)

    @ Qaan

    You need to go to 'My Settings' on Gurulib and make a widget.

    @ Xenus

    Thanks. :)

  7. Pretty cool.

    I wonder if the other sites like Library Thing allow RSS widgets too?

    I love RSS.

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