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Who wants to come to my site??

  1. my site is!!

  2. Try blogging about something. Take a look at the top posts around listed on the home page and see if anything there interests you.

    Or blog about your ex wife. Always a fun topic. :)

    Or how about the really annoying TV commericals of your ISP? ("Can you hear me now?" "No, of course not. That's why I've got you moving around trying to find a sweet spot, moron!") Here's some Youtube videos on the subject.

    Hope this helps,

  3. @kyro
    Welcome to
    (1) There's a beginner's tubetorial here .
    (2) features list is very useful too
    (3) drmike our forum moderator has a pink sticky on FAQs at the head of the forum.
    (4) This is the link to the FAQs blog and there's a search box you can use there.
    (5) The forum search box is also a treasure trove full of information and it's going to become your friend in no time at all..
    (6) Please read me first before posting is a pink sticky at the head of the forum that clearly outlines the comparison of and services.
    (7) The tags pagewill help you find others blogging on the same subjects and using the same category tags. The "tag surfer" and "my comments" tabs on your dashboard will also help you locate bloggers with similar interests.
    (8) And for tips and tricks pertaining to how to promote your blog be sure to visit here.
    Happy Blogging! :)

  4. marketingdeguerrilha

    HereĀ“s a tip. Never launch a naked blog!
    You need to have some posts so people get the feeling of the blog and what kind of content they expect to see in the future ;)

  5. I'll look at yours if you look at mine. :)

  6. Or blog about Britney Speaers' divorce. lol There's a thousand new stories a day about those two goofballs.

  7. Or a sports team : )

  8. Nosy's right. I blogged about it and POOF! She was there in a New York Minute!

  9. Actually the best thing to blog about if you are newbie is yourself. It's a good start.

  10. I'm boring. So theree isn't much to talk about in my life. :)

  11. roaddifficulttotravel

    Hi All,
    I am new to WordPress-looking to network, confer, collaborate, and build alliances for community leadership and high level business innovative strategies.
    I am a recent published author, my first two books are written and dedicated to raise funds for the displaced families of Katrina. I spent the entire month of Sept in the New Orleans, Biloxi and Alabama. To see books synopsis go to "Bookstore" type in author's name: Steve Braxton to view synopsis. Thanks
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    Steve Braxton
    Author-"The Road That Is Difficult To Travel" and "Prayer For An Occasion"

  12. Are we allowed to ask people to look at our blog and give us tips or not?

  13. Isn't this a blatant advertisement of blogs?

    And, we are allowed to start threads like this? What if hundreds of bloggers start similar thread tomorrow?

    I think the administration has to check such threads...

  14. well, some ppl are genuinely seeking feedback for the layout of their blog, and some pretend to be. either way it can be a form of blog plugging, but it is technically following the forum rules because newbies may actually need tips to improve their blogs.

  15. In all seriousness I think it would be good to have a sticky where people just invited other people to their new blogs. If they want critical feedback, they can say so in the thread. But it does a blogger good to reach out to this forum and get comfortable here, so I say we should have ONE such thread. People start these kinds of threads all the time, and if there was a place for them they would use that instead.

    At the same time, I think it's important that feedback go on THE SITE, rather than in the forums. And that anyone who posts "come to my site" and then complains later that not enough people did should be ridiculed. But then I'm a big meanie.

  16. chelseasreviews

    The Britney Spears thing worked good.

  17. Well, I dont want to advertise by blog, I want actual critical feedback about my blog and how I can improve it so If anyone wants to do that then go for it :)

  18. Look at the topic of the thread...Who Wants to Come to My Site...
    For what???...other than a promotion?
    Well, I do not really care if someone wants to advertise but just a suggestion so that there won't be a flooding of such threads in the future.

  19. xylaphonic
    I went to your site and liked what I saw. You have an organized and well laid out blog. I think the time you took to create an About page and Contact page were well spent. Your posts are well written and the images you chose complement the text very well.
    However, I do believe the appearance could be improved somewhat if you use code to wrap the text around your images in the posts, except for the poetry one. Here's what our Support Maven, Mark wrote in the FAQs in the way of instructions for how to do that

    You may also want to visit the FAQs blog and use the search box to set up feeds for RSS subscribers. And if you are interested in that as well as additional ideas for blog improvement drmike our forum Moderator has set up a blog for that purpose. You can find it here

    This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.
    Provided the image is not a frame, style or java script embed inserting an image into a text widget and displaying it in your sidebar will result from following this walk through.
    -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor - > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets - > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code - > save changes

    Welcome to WordPress and best wishes to you. I think you're off to a good start. :)

    P.S. Don't hesitate to ask questions because it's sometimes the only way to get answers. ;)

  20. Well isn't everyone on here who has a clickable link to their username advertising their sites in a way?

  21. Since no blog has ads, so it really doesn't make sense that people would want to advertise. For what? Increased traffic for one day?

    This thread was started on 12 Nov and its been almost a month and no more than two people have asked for genuine feedback.

    Oh and I would want some feedback too :)

  22. @kashmir
    Your new theme looks handsome and your header is particularly beautiful. You write well. And I particularly admire your archives page. :)
    I take your point. It's true that simply having blogs linked to our usernames gives bloggers an opportunity to click on those usernames and end up on a blog they might not have otherwise searched for. And if clicking on my username and ending up on a blog that has helpful resources for learning how to use wordpress amounts to "advertising", then I guess I'm guilty in some eyes. But this is why I won't be claiming any guilt. The facts are: the blog linked to my username is not a commercial blog in any sense. Everything there is "free" information offered on a take it or leave it basis and, I don't care how many hits it gets, which is evidenced by the lack of a sitemeter on the blog.

    re: xylaphonic
    I think what's being missed here is that a new wordpress blogger asked for support in the form of a blog review and in doing so he demonstrated that he was open to advice and suggestions so he could improve his blog. He asked for a hand and I gave him one.

    P.S. Who would want to be part of a blogging community where asking for a hand provokes a slap down?

    P.P.S. I hope he wasn't so turned off that he never came back to read what I wrote *sigh*.

  23. Thank you very much timethief! Very much appreciated, do you have an email address or msn which I can talk to you about what you said in detail?

  24. Click on my username. In the sidebar of the blog you wind up on you will find my yahoo email address. A word of warning though. I promise that I will answer but it may take until tomorrow until I can as I'm multi-tasking at work and I have clients booked until 7:300 PM tonight. :)

    P.S. I'm glad you came back to the forum and found my post.

  25. Im sorry, Im from the UK, I dont have Yahoo, I will ask you on here then! I dont have a Visual Rich Editor and I tried refreshing and it still wont show, also what good does a RSS feed do?

  26. islandtimethief at yahhoo dot ca is an email address. I hate all instant messaging (it's a security risk) and do not use it.

    Good news all blogs have RSS feeds and two editors and unless you turned it off deliberately then the editor you are currently using is the visual rich text editor aka Tiny MCE. Her'e where you can check and see if it's on or not -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile (look for the check box - if it's checked it's on).

    This will help with the set up and configuring of all widgets.

    Don't forget to drop and rag your meta widget into your sidebar and "save changes".

  27. Just out of old is timethief? How does she look like? Promise, I did not know timethief was a girl until'm too personal ain't I?

  28. dream: maybe you could read her blog to know all those stuff... i don't think she's going to say anything here! everybody once thought she's a guy, so it's normal, hehe

  29. @ tt

    Thank you very much for the comments :)

  30. thanx everyone

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