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Who wants to come to my site??

  1. You're welcome krygo and happy blogging to you. :)

  2. An RSS feed is a little .xml file which people can subscribe to to be informed of a new posting. In my case, I reposted an old article from my home site this morning.

    If you wanted to keep informed and check out each article I wrote you'd have a could bookmark my site, and keep remembering to check it, where it may or may not have a new blog entry.

    Or you could subscribe via an RSS feed....which gives you instant notification of a new blog entry title, and couple of paragraphs...leaving you the option to click and visit if you like the look of it. It's like an email (in the fact that it's an instant notification) but it's a spam free risk, as you don't supply any subscriber info and can simply delete the feed if you find it's not what you thought it was going to be.

    Hope that helps demystify RSS a bit. I did a "how to RSS" article for my home site, but that's down now, I'll be rewriting it to take into account the new Firefox with the built in "live bookmarks" and "sage".

  3. Dude thank you very clear, i have been struggling for sometime. Thank you.

  4. thanks alot now i improved my blog a whole lot =]

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