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Who wants to quit smoking with me

  1. Vulnerability to Nicotine Addiction Appears to Have a Genetic Basis, Study Suggests
    ScienceDaily (May 13, 2011) — A person's vulnerability to nicotine addiction appears to have a genetic basis, at least in part. A region in the midbrain called the habenula (from Latin: small reins) plays a key role in this process, as Dr. Inés Ibañez-Tallon and her team from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch, Germany, have now shown. They also shed light on the mechanism that underlies addiction to nicotine.

  2. Interesting reading. Addiction in any form appears to run in families which is why I don't drink.

    Just so you know, the cigarettes have been banished from the house and tomorrow I'm starting an exercise routine, including yoga, which I hope will help get my mind in order.

    Thank you for the encouragement and the useful information, TT.

  3. YAY!

    Banning cigarettes from your home is a major accomplishment - good on you! Your kids and pets will now be quitting smoking too. :)

    Despite what others say, for the first 3 months your head is not going to be clear and focused. The addict within will resurface. May I suggest something please?

    In Mindful Breathing Practice the attention is focused on the nostrils, as it is there that the entry and exit of breath can be observed. The mediator will observe and follow the natural course of his or her breathing process. No attempt to stop the breath, or to deliberately alter the timing or rhythm will be made.

    Meditation involves focusing the mind in order to increase awareness of the present moment. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress , and enhances personal growth. There is a relaxation exercise in this post and tips for beginners too.

  4. From another blog I read, this woman just found a free 30 day workout challange on the net. Its once a day 20 minutes one day, 10 minutes the next day alternating. She asked if anyine wanted to do it with her, so I just tried it. and WHEW! Its the perfect thing for this anti-smoking thread. Im going to do it. Its just like watching a short video. My hubby and I did it and we felt like two fat fish flopping around on dry land. But the end result was a great feeling. Heres her link:

  5. @ Timethief You don't have to ask if you can suggest anything. Your input is always welcome! Mindful breathing and meditation are wonderful ideas. It's a little hard to find 20 uninterrupted minutes in a day, but I'll definitely give it a shot.

    @sara I bookmarked the page. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but it has been filed away in my brain. Actually, it might come in handy for me and my son. He needs to lose some of the weight he has put on because of his medication and this is as good an idea as any. Thank you for the link.

  6. @ Timethief You don't have to ask if you can suggest anything. Your input is always welcome! Mindful breathing and meditation are wonderful ideas. It's a little hard to find 20 uninterrupted minutes in a day, but I'll definitely give it a shot.

    @sara I bookmarked the page. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but it has been filed away in my brain. Actually, it might come in handy for me and my son. He needs to lose some of the weight he has put on because of his medication and this is as good an idea as any. Thank you for the link.

  7. Hello-o-o-o-o? (Echoes) Anybody out there?

    It's awfully quiet out there. Agringa? Harry? Sara? Anyone?

    I'm doing okay. Not 100% smoke-free but getting close. A couple drags here and there. Cold turkey hasn't happened but 4 cigarettes in 9 days is awesome and I can breathe easier.

    How is everyone else doing?

  8. I am doing ok. I have not done cold turkey either but I have tried. I made it almost a full day before I gave in. For the most part smoking maybe a half a pack? Still not good enough but an improvement. I am working on it. Job well done to you. :-)

  9. That's good! I went from almost 2 packs to maybe a pack in 10 days. I'm getting a nicotrol inhaler from the doc tomorrow to see if it helps get rid of the cigs completely.

    I haven't heard from Harry or agringa yet. In fact, I haven't seen anything new from the dear old dribblingpensioner's blog either. I hope he hasn't gone ahead and enacted the 2 week blogging ban.

    Where are you Harry? I miss you. :-)

  10. Well my original goal was 10 a day. I did aim for cold turkey at first, but in the end I am at the first goal not the second.

    This has taught me a few things though that has helped me in a permanent way.
    1. I have stopped buying my favorite brand. (I used to smoke them like candy) and now if I buy, I buy a brand I don't like.
    2. I used to buy cartons, now if I buy, I only buy 1 pack. This guarentees that I cant chain smoke 2+ packs because its not possible.
    3. If I do smoke, i am always mindfull of the other people in this thread, so again, I don't reach for them at every little craving.
    I almost don't want to share that I didnt reach the goal of cold turkey because I don't wan't anyone else to fail on account of me. I think Ive made some very positive steps. Soon, I hope to take a few days off camping, and the smokes will be left at home. One step at a time.

    The thing is to be happy and proud no matter what. And to never quit trying to quit. I find that if I want a smoke. I challenge myself, so say I want a smoke at 9am. I challenge myself to wait until 9:30. This method has been helping.

    The inhaler is fantastic. Cold turkey is a lot easier with an inhaler. I had 2 inhalers. But 1 rolled off somewhere and I cant find it.

  11. My last entry sounds pathetic. Im renewing my oath. Ive only had 1 today. All day so far.

  12. @midaevalmaiden
    Good for you -- never quit quitting and you will make it. :)

  13. Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I've had a busy week and thought it best to not even turn the computer on most days - that way I can't get sucked in. This thread has grown a lot. I hope that means that everyone is doing well. I'm ok still, though when I get stressed it is VERY hard not to smoke. It was stress that made me start smoking again the last couple of times I quit, but I am trying to be stronger this time. I've had a few bad days, but on those days I didn't smoke more than 3 or 4. I'm with midaevalmaiden, I'll keep trying.

  14. I started using the Nicotrol inhaler but I find myself chewing on it more than inhaling. I guess that's good. The less nicotine, the better.

  15. I chew no better make that... mutilate toothpicks.

  16. Nicotrol inhaler did funny things to my heart. Not pleasant. Back to the drawing board.

    Anyone still doing this? It's hard to go it alone.

  17. can you get it in a smaller dose? Ive got electonic ciggs. They deliver nic with water vapor.

    Im still doing ten a day. I quit my favorite brand though. Now Im smoking a brand I dont much like, so I dont go to them as often. Waiting to have an oppertunity to go camping by myself (cold tukey)

  18. Which ecig do you use? My husband had one kind that didn't work very well. We're both willing to give a good one a shot.

  19. I use these: but they sold their company so I cant buy from them anymore. But no matter who you go with, a lot of those companies will give major discounts if you dicker with them.

    OH AND I though I smoke menthol cigs, I found that with eciggs the menthol is not nessisary at all. Since eciggs have no ashtray taste, I went with the non menthol.

    If I wanted to buy a new brand, I would go to a truck stop. Since many truckers are now using these products. Truck stops would have many brands for sale and the workers would get to hear a lot of feedback on which ones work best considering how truckers like to talk.

  20. This thread caught my eye and I haven't been on this site for a long time. You all have support. How are you doing?

    Found this online, it has suggestions on how to quit smoking:

    The American Cancer Society suggests picking a 'Quit Date' that is significant to you, like your birthday, so you are more inclined to stick to it because you hold the starting date dear. There's a lot of info on that link, which is basically a link to lots of links.

    momfog, you asked how nonsmokers get through watching TV. I don't watch it but I sit through a movie with idle hands. My thought is that if you can watch TV *and* sew or knit or do origami, you'll be one step ahead of everyone else!

    marcialoyd, you asked how to get through the jitters. Anyone with half a brain would ask it and sometimes we need to hear a variety of answers from a variety of people. momfog asked the same question but phrased it differently: She wants to know how we nonsmokers watch TV, certainly not with idle hands! I like your question because it's everyone's question, no matter what they're life is like. Aren't we all trying to get through the jitters? How did somebody get through beating cancer, how did they get through the death of a child, the loss of a job, anxiety, depression? I can't tell you from personal experience but that link above might have an idea you like. Maybe, when all is said and done, quitting smoking involves facing fear. How are you going to live your life differently than how you've been living it?

    Maybe if you make a list of all the +'s and visualize them coming true... :-)

  21. oops, I meant to say that you all have my support.

  22. Just popped in to see how everyone is going............. bit quiet on the update front since early June, I see.

  23. Not doing well at all. I haven't abandoned the idea, but it's on the back burner right now. I'm trying to lose weight with my son and I simply cannot do both at once. He needs my support and participation. It's just another excuse, but I don't have it in me right now to care. I am still smoking a lot less than I was and that's a good thing.

  24. can our excuse be.. it just wasnt the same without you @team?

    Im with Erin. I smoke more conciously instead of reflexivly from habit. And I only buy a brand I don't like so much. Having the badge on my blog forces me to be mindful. But we will keep trying to quit as we are able. There is a time for everything in its season. right?

  25. I used to do 2 1/2 - 3 packs a day. That, I am proud to say... is no longer!! :)

  26. Does it sound pathetic to say "i'm glad i'm not the only one?" Like you guys I haven't been able to totally kick the habit. Cannot believe how hard it is. But like I said i'm glad to know i'm not alone because it tell's me I am not just weak minded. I will keep trying. I can think of 1,000 better ways to spend the $ I spend on smokes yet I still continue to buy them. I watch my mom have ill health effects from 30 plus years of smoking yet I still continue to smoke them. It makes no sense but thats the way it is. I shake my head at myself.

  27. Marcia, give yourself a huge hug for even just wanting to try. That means more than you know. It's not that you're "weak-minded." I'm not a smoker but everything I've read about it says that most people try several times before they actually quit. You need a game plan. They say willpower is not enough -you actually need a game plan, support, all kinds of remedies set up to take place when you get the jitters, etc. That link I placed above might help but try not to get down on yourself b/c supposedly, they say that's what makes smokers smoke even more. Now they feel weak and the cigarette makes them feel better. If you find out what worked for people, you can follow their game plan.

  28. Well, I've still got the badge on my blog but in truth I've not done too well recently. Is anyone still trying? I'll give it another go. I do want to stop.

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