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Who wants to quit smoking with me

  1. What do you say, lets get together and decide on a day to quit. We can hold eachother accountable in this thread. Ide like to quit or severly cut back sometime in the near future. Does anyone want to try with me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *tentatively raises hand*
    I quit last year and stuck at it for about 3 months. I felt to much better. It was so stupid and dumb to start again and I don't know why I did. I keep thinking about stopping again.

  3. Alright! Yeah! My sence of smell is dull because of smoking and having more energy will be so wonderful. Lets see if anyone else wants to get on the band wagon. I hope we get at least 5 people including us. It will be hard to blog while having withdrawls but misery loves company. I think we can do it, especialy if we go public like this.

  4. Yes, it would be nice to have bit of a group effort. There must be more people on here who are feeling ready to quit. Going public is probably the key. I'd thought a couple of times about putting something on my blog but then chickened out.

  5. I'm torn. If I agree, I have to do it. How far out are you setting that date?

  6. Hahaha. Momfog, that was my first thought too.

  7. well Ive got an unopened carton sitting here. Thats at least 7 days chain smoking enjoyment for me. But momfog even if you just cut back to say 10 a day, it is an acheivement. I thought of writing out a schedual for each day. With the times I can smoke schedualed in. Doing something like that would make my carton last twice as long and then Ide be that much closer to quiting completely.

    If I can do ten a day. I would be so glad. What do ya think? We need more people and set a day when the 5th person joins. But definitly very soon.

  8. 10 a day will be a challenge. I'm home all day and have a horrible habit of spacing my day with a smoke. "After I'm done with this cigarette, I'm going to...."

    10 a day is a good start. We'll wait for that 5th person. In the meantime, smoke 'em if you got 'em! :-)

  9. harrythehandyman

    no5, cutting down to 10 a day never work's take it from an expert, stop or don't stop there's no in between

  10. Are you committing to being no. 5, Harry? If so, welcome, although I was rather hoping no. 5 would be a long time coming.

  11. I've already cut down a lot. Now I need to completely stop.

  12. harrythehandyman

    i'm thinking about it i'll let you know very soon, i was supposed to stop 15 month's ago after my heart attack :)

  13. Yeah, that was very good medical advice. I wouldn't think about it too long if I were you.

  14. Harry makes number 4 if you wants to try. I agree about cold turkey, but I just don't have the courage for that. The idea of life with out a smoke scares me too much. Ill be happy with 10.

    Lets commit on monday even if we don't have 5?

  15. Down to 10 on Monday it is. I'm assuming we'll move on to the complete quitting when that is successful? Baby steps definitely work for me.

  16. harrythehandyman

    I'm smoking from the age of 14 that's 52 year's i'm smoking :( ok then from monday i'll give it a go and see how i fair. Cold turkey is best no cutting back, i found if you try that you will smoke more than ever.

    Any more nicotine head's out there want to join.

    i'll draw a contract up for each to sign :)

  17. Ide like to use this thread to encourage eachother and find motivation. After 10 for me, I know quiting completely will come next. But my cartons cost a lot, so If I smoke em all before monday it will be cold turkey for me.

  18. Cold turkey on Monday. I was going to start a diet, but that's out. I'd like to prevent murder if at all possible.

    @midaevalmaiden Thanks for starting this thread. I've been hacking for months and saying I need to quit for YEARS. I wanted to get that out there right now so that next week when I'm snappish or downright mean, you'll know how I really feel. :-)

  19. harrythehandyman

    agringa is staying very quite :)

  20. dribblingpensioner

    i'll stop as well :)

  21. Harry, I am, yes. It's because I have only 1 left in the pack and I'm fighting a mental battle here. Do I go and buy more so that I can smoke up until Monday and then stop when you all do OR do I just quit from today?

    Now that I've made the decision to do it it seems a bit self destructive to go out and buy more just for the sake of putting this off. So I'm thinking that for me, today is the day!

  22. My Grandpa died of cancer through drinking and smoking. I never knew him, but my mum would sometimes talk about him. Gladly, I never touched one in my life.

    I wish you guys all the luck in the world!

  23. dribblingpensioner

    @noirciplume, thanks and we all need the luck :)

    @agringa, yes you stop now when you have your last drag :) i'm going for one now :)

  24. I just had my last (ever?!). I discovered that my husband has left me half a pack of his on his desk, but I've decided to quit now that my preferred ones are all gone from the house.

    17.52 (my time) on 3rd May 2011 - and so it begins!

  25. That makes you the spearhead to our effort. I have heard on good advice that forming our own support group puts us in the likely to succeed category.

    Since agringa has jump started us I am willing to (please kill me) begin my 10 a day tommorro in order to support her efforts. What say you momfog and penshioner?

    During this ordeal we can mention positive reasons why quiting is a good idea. But I would prefer to avoid mention of anything doom, gloom, or guilt- like. That kind of thing tends to make me want to smoke more out of spite. So Loyal advisor penshioner, I for one would like to see the contract.

  26. I'll start my 10 tomorrow. A contract is a good idea. Good luck everybody!

  27. Yes, a contract between the group sounds like a good idea. Good luck everyone!

  28. dribblingpensioner

    ok, i'll start 10 a day to-morrow as well, i'll draw the contract and post it to-morrow.

  29. All the well wishing is making me feel like we are about to split up before a dangerous covert Hollywood-style mission. hahah

    come back here any time support is needed.

  30. harrythehandyman

    Stop smoking self help group.

    A contract between member's of wordpress.

    As from Monday the 9th of May 2011 at 11.00 am, we all intend to try and stop smoking.

    We will report daily to all member's on the progress we have made and how we feel.

    We will also report if we had to call the police because we nearly killed some-one.

    If any other member would like to join the group you will be welcome, please send each member a £20 joining fee.

    If we all fail to stop smoking, we will all meet and kill midaevalmaiden for starting us on this path of torture.

    Any member who fail's to stop smoking will impose a 2 week blog ban on themselve's.

    Good luck to all, see you in the clinic for nervous tension therapy.


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