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Who wouldn't want to meet a Grumpy IT Guy??

  1. So I just posted in the showcase forum thread, but I thought I'd stop by here and drop the same post again... Sorry if it doesn't belong, let me know and I'll remove it.

    Before I past though, I'd like to say, I'm also looking for other IT guys who blog, not necessarily about the world of IT, but a personal blog, where they might air out some of their frustrations... I'm really enjoying doing the same. :)

    Anyway, here's the duplicate:


    I recently moved my blog ( )from Blogger to WordPress because quite simply, it's just plain better.

    I am a father of two young kids. I own a beagle, which I will probably never do again. I'm an I.T. guy, and I am grumpy.

    Be forewarned, I swear kind of... like, a lot. (Hence the anonymity. Can't have clients reading what I really feel.)

    I have lots of blogs, but this one is the most fun, I think... This one does not include my real name. Under a veil of anonymity, I vent my frustrations. I'm well aware that the things I say there are fairly scathing, and I'm sure there's another side to the story, but frankly, I wanted a blog where I didn't have to care, and that's what I have.

    I actually keep hoping for a commenter to get all "Oh yeah!?" on me... So far, it hasn't happened. People seem to like mean.

    Lucky for me.

    I generally post once a week, though occasionally I take a hiatus for a week or three... I always come back. I always will. This is far to enjoyable and therapeutic for me to set aside!

    Not sure if this is the only place to post this, so I'm going to poke around and see what else is here... If you see this post again somewhere, don't kill me, just trying to cover all the bases.

    Thanks, and look forward to seeing you in the blogosphere!

    The blog I need help with is

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