Whois privacy not working

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    I have paid for a private whois and it has worked all year until this week… now all of my personal information is on the web when my website is googled. Not cool, especially since I’ve paid for privacy. How can I fix this???

    The blog I need help with is unputdownables.net.



    On Google.


    Google where? Do you mean your site is showing up on Google?



    Can you give us some exact links?


    macmanx, I can through an e-mail or somewhere more private so my information isn’t available on this forum. The only reason I posted the question here is because the Customer Service form has been down for three days.



    The #1 reason people become googleable is that they link their sites together. Did you use Publicize to connect your blog and your Facebook? Did you tell your friends and they linked to your blog, saying “This is Suzi Smith’s Blog” or words to that effect? That’s the #2 reason people become googleable.



    Please contact us via support@wordpress.com and we’ll take a look for you.


    Great, thanks — I’ve just emailed and sent the link (along with the link to this forum).

    raincoaster and thesacredpath, thanks for your help as well.


    You are welcome.

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