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Who's your fav Harry Potter Character?

  1. Mine's Draco cause he's just plainly hot. Who's yours?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Severus Snape... But I've only seen a few of the Movie's, and haven't read the books... But I love that actor and character


  3. Tom Riddle. lol

  4. invisiblemikey

    As I also like to think myself a free elf, my favorite was Dobby. (He met a noble end.)

  5. Snape & riddle, gotta love them.

    Invisiblemikey, this is the first time i heard someone liking dobby!

  6. @Inv & Jey Dobby is awesome, lol

  7. diaryofakiwigirl

    I definitely love Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange :]

    @darkjade68 - This is definitely the first time that I've heard about anyone like Snape haha

  8. I like snape too! just not my favourite.

  9. Hm... Draco is definitely hot but I think I like Snape better. He is sort of the real hero in the whole story.

  10. Quite true Kiwikar..

  11. Most definitely Severus Snape

    Agreeing with kiwikar, he is the hero of Harry Potter. I believed I cried when he died and the entire truth came out. May I add, Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar for this role!

  12. @noirciplume he does indeed deserve one alright!

  13. My favorite harry potter characters was Hermeroine and Snape. I was soo mad when Snape died and the truth was revealead. I was escorted out of the movie theater for yelling at the movie. lol

  14. Snape, hands down. He was brave, loyal, and romantic. He accepted the role as the traitor and sacrificed himself in so many ways. Oh, and he was desperately flawed, which makes all that other stuff all the more admirable.

    Not that I've given it a whole lot of thought or anything. :-)

    @noirciplume @invisiblemikey I cried a little when Snape died, but I absolutely sobbed when Dobby died. My kids were embarrassed.

    Now I'm embarrassed.

  15. @Noir Alan Rickman is one of my favorite Actor's

    Sirius Black is also awesome. But Gary Oldman is an incredible talent, so he might have been the reason.

  16. The fact that a thread such as this exists proves how close to the end of the world as we know it really is.

  17. Yeah. It kinda of is. This post is like a world without violence, where no one's fighting over things. Oh, now i gotta another poem.

  18. It's like a world where everyone is at home playing World of Warcraft 24/7.

  19. Its a world where people are still holding on to their imaginations, not loosing touch of their inner child's capability to live in fantasy. Making life much more adventurous to live.

  20. Its a world where people are still holding on to their imaginations, not loosing touch of their inner child's capability to live in fantasy. Making life much more adventurous to live.

  21. Yeah thats true thank you jeynagrace you inspired me to make another poem.

  22. Sirius Black & Dobby are easily my favourites.

  23. phoenixtearsheal

    Cried when read books... then cried when saw films.
    Cried when Dobby; Snape (after truth came out in the Pensieve);
    and Dumbledore each died;
    then cried when Ffoulkes the phoenix left.
    My favorite character is Professor McGonigal :)

  24. The only books that ever had the same effect on me as Harry Potter were the Jane Austen novels (and yes, I am afraid to analyse what that might mean).

    I know the movies were an accurate reflection of the book (rare) but I still like the books. Strikes me that harry isn't anyone's favourite so far. But fav people (yes, I know they're just fictitious) were: Severius (so powerful), Hermione (so together and love the red hair) and Ron's mum (that's the kinda mother I wanna be - with a better fashion sense tho').

    @jeynagrace: Can not believe anyone thinks Draco is hot.

  25. One more thought - who's your most annoying character and why? I vote for Dolores Umbridge. I think its because I've come across people like this in real life - they make my skin crawl.

  26. @ulaysha haha, why not? I think he is... and i know im not the only one :)

    I vote..... Gilderoy lockhart.. lol. He's annoying and useless.

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