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Wht does snow mean to you?

  1. For us English the snow is a rare chance to chuck precipitation at one another and have an unscheduled holiday, no matter how old you are. It is a rare occurence and for most years previous to the last one inthis country i had only seen a light sprinkling. The past two years have climaxed in about six or seven inches at a time for a couple of weeks. Whilst this may seem a lot to those who are lucky enough to live at a ski resort it does have a certain power to lift the spirits. Whilst there are fun and games there is also hard work that arrives with the snow: clearing the way for the cars on the driveway and salting the road outside. Whilst it is taxing it is worth the reward, and it is only half an hour of toiling or so.

    The snow also gives an opportunity to help out our fellow man, as my parents willfull proved by helping out our neighbough who does not have the equiment or strength to shovel and brush the snow. In a strange way a natural phenomenom brings us together as we are transported back into melancholy colours and we come away from electricity and technology except to warm against the fire and come together by watching a film.

    What snow means to me is a sense of togetherness, although our cars may not work and we know we are isolated, everyone is in the same position and therefore we are not alone. It is the only time the melancholy puts a smile on my face.

    What does it mean to you?

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  2. Frozen, crystallized water.

  3. I write about snow in a poem I just posted to my blog! Read it!

  4. Snow means not going to class, staying inside and drinking hot chocolate :)

  5. Snow is:

    1. Fantastic and the more there is the more fantastically wonderful it gets. It is impossible to have too much snow. I say so and therefore it it true :)

    2. The best time ever to go out first thing in the morning. It's really peaceful and you get to break the smoothness first.

    3. The next best time is in the evening. Go hire a dog (so you don't look too weird) and go walking. The quietness is wonderful.

    I don't care about the neighbour (heartless maybe), I work at home so commute is not partlcularly tricky. I salted the patio at the back only because our dog - he's a Great Dane - went out a little too quickly, gave a very impressive 'bambi on ice' impression, hit the low wall at the end and was forced to jump over to the garden below. Funny, yes. Potential vet's bill, yes.

    Snow. Wonderful.

  6. Next time I get 16 inches of snow, Mark is coming over to shovel me out.

  7. Snow is frozen crystallized water, alright...but enough of it in all the right places makes for the most beautiful sight on Earth, especially under bright sunshine. And leave clean snow on the roads and streets to humble motorists into slower safer driving matters for public safety.

    I'm in Rhode Island USA, and there aren't many open spaces remaining. But just walk ten minutes northeast of my home; you'll find a small field with fir trees and bushes in the middle, plus more trees and bushes around the far end in a semi-circle. Add 6 to 12 inches of snow on the ground and 'voila!', there is a most glorious sight to behold.

    Everyone loves the winter season; all you need is the right attitude. Thanks from Ralph!

  8. Snow means hard work gets much, much harder. I'm a crofter in Scotland so I have to cut tracks through deep snow to get to our livestock, hack steps in heavily iced slopes, clear troughs that have frozen solid, constantly replenish and refresh straw bedding, carry bucket after bucket after bucket of water out to troughs with frozen pipes, and on it goes.

    I started at 6am today and only finished doing all the livestock at 3pm. An hour later I had to start all over again. I don't mind. It goes with the territory, but it's hard work.

    Oh, and the snow is up to my armpits in many places, and even in the "shallow" places, it's at least 23 inches deep.

    Now a shameless plug! Plenty of pics on my blog...

  9. Snow means memories are being created. Last week my husband drug me outside in the cold. We ventured out onto an iced-over section of the river that flows right by our house. Beneath the stars and falling flakes, he kissed me... and then shoved snow down my pants. We chased each other the whole way home, until we colapsed on the ground and watched the moon slip in and out of the clouds. I love the snow...

  10. And miles to go before I sleep.
    And miles to go before I sleep.

    *Robert Frost*

  11. I can now add that snow means standing on the roof and shovelling 24 inches of the stuff over the side to stop the roof from collapsing.

  12. New meaning for snow in 2009-2010: Snow means the holiday season at WordPress and letting it snow everyday for weeks on my blog! And no one had to shovel either

  13. Very COOL for the first 30 minutes, then it's COLD and " I'd rather be in Jamaica Maaan " Sorry Sunshine .............. I am a Tropical Dude.

  14. My first thought was that snow meant Frosty would come back to life. I was traumatized when they put him in that greenhouse.

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