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Why allow spam comments?

  1. I've spent a bit of time today reading the Freshly Pressed blogs, and leaving a few comments. Its impressive when you see a blog post has 100s of comments, or even 78 or 92 etc. But reading through them I came across many obvious spam comments, the sort that my spam filter catches and I delete. What's the point of including spam?

  2. It's actually a detriment to one's blog when the blogger approves and posts spam comments. Matt Cutts of Google has made it clear that doing so can negatively affect a blogs page rank and positioning in the SERPs (search engine page results). This is also clarified in the Google Webmasters articles. However, newbies are frequently so desirous of posting comments and so lacking in what it takes to spot spam comments that it does happen.

  3. Thanks, but the blogs I read were on the Freshly Pressed page so presumably they've deserved some sort of recognition from wordpress, something that I thought was partly dependent on the number of comments?!

  4. We have not had any indication form Staff that the number of comments on any newly published post that they choose to feature on the Freshly Pressed page has anything whatsoever to do with their selection. Having a post featured results in many comments and of course spammers are among those who submit comments. As I indicated above new bloggers need to learn how to differentiate between legitimate comments and robot spam and human generated spam.

  5. As you are interested in Freshly Pressed I'm wondering if you have read this entry or not. Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

  6. Spammers are getting more sophisticated and for some, it is harder to spot them than for others. For some that might be due to lack of experience, and for others that might be because they've just never learned, or been shown, how to spot them. Even after 4.5 years here, I sometimes have to stop and think about, and investigate the websites in order to determine if a comment is spam or not. Some of what turns out to be spam are actually comments that pertain to what I've written, but the website link is seriously spammy and all covered with ads.

  7. As well, Freshly Pressed drives a LOT of traffic to the blog, including spammers. It's possible the bloggers don't read all the comments or haven't had time to check them before you do.

  8. And yes I read the 'How to Get Featured' guide a while a go. I thought I ticked all the boxes, except maybe the 'tags' section. Tags always leave me wondering if I could've done them better. I guess you just don't like my blog!

  9. @onemoreroll
    We (raincoaster, thesacredpath and myself) are all long time regular Volunteers (your fellow bloggers) who answer support questions on these forums. We are not Staff and we have no role to play in the Freshly Pressed selection process.

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