Why am I all the time ignored ?

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    I’m writing in the Bulgarian version of WordPress and I feel I am all the time ignored and can never make it to the Freshly pressed. I am trying my best, with pictures, links, giving credit to people when the information is not mine and everything, but all the time I am ignored. Who should I address about that, because I am not sure if this is censorship or what? Is there censorship in WordPress? Shouldn’t be.

    The blog I need help with is nnsavov.wordpress.com.


    Read this:


    They only select 19 out of however many thousands that are out there. Your chances are extremely slim no matter what you post..



    Why is everyone obssesed with getting on Freshly Pressed? There is no censorship. They are thousands and thousands of blogs on WP and Freshly Pressed is a random selection. Perhaps you should concentrate on blogging rather than just aiming for a Freshly Pressed, you may even stand a chance of getting noticed then.



    I am just a regular guy, who is trying to make a difference and try to show something to the people. I see some stupid articles about cakes and stuff and I am pissed off when more important stuff are just ignored. So why am I obsessed with Freshly Pressed? Because I want people to know more than they do! Because they don’t know shit in these important times and there are a lot of people, who are writing pretty important stuff, that we should all read. I’m just some writer, but I feel that from time to time I write about stuff that people should know, more important than cakes of visits to the mountains and stuff!


    Sorry, but there is nothing more important than cake!!



    Freshly Pressed will not make you popular. Good content will do that. If your only aim is for Freshly Pressed than you shouldn’t be blogging. Freshly Pressed was designed to make people feel good, to make them feel important, that is all. It’s just a random selection, there is nothing ‘great’ about it.



    Mr. Just some writer – visit @timethief‘s site (she helps in the forum regular like) and you will find a ton of advice on how to get more traffic to your blog – the support documents also have a couple of articles on building traffic – way better I think than Freshly Pressed – while Pressed will give you a lot of traffic for one or two days – you want to build regular subscribers that will show up each time you make a new Post and that will also recommend your blog to people they know



    If you are going to be jealous of people singled out of a crowd of 35 million for an arbitrary list then you either need to pander to the tastes of those editors by writing in English about cupcakes or you are going to have to get over it.


    Honestly! Why do people think that being ‘Freshly Pressed’ is the ultimate goal. Just enjoy blogging and aim to make your blog the best that you can. That will be much more satisfying in the long term. 😉

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