Why am I not allowed to post in the Showcase forum?

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    I tried to post in showcase last night and was not allowed, i tried again to-day with the same result, 2 hour’s later i tried to post in off-topic, same result.

    This is about the 5 -6 time’s, maybe more this has happened to me , and every time support say’s it’s fixed but it never has been.

    No-one ever come’s up with a reason why it’s happening, here’s hoping that you can fix once and for all, please.

    Blog url: http://dribblingpensioner.wordpress.com/



    It looks like Akismet feels that you’re a spammer. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a combination of the frequency of your posts and the fact that they often contain little more than a link, which is a common spammer trend.

    Looking back, it seems like you’re using the Showcase forum to announce each post on your blog, which is also against policy. You’re welcome to share your favorite posts, but to avoid diluting this resource for the community, please avoid excessively promoting your blog.

    This is detailed in the policy thread stuck at the top of the Showcase forum: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-to-use-the-showcase-forum


    Thank you, but i would only post in showcase every 3 – 4 day’s and i use the same format as other poster’s, a few word’s and then the link.

    I started a showcase twice and the same happened to me, i seem to be the only one as i have searched for the admin name at a post.

    I thought showcase was to start a showcase to show of you blog which a lot of other blogger’s are doing, which i clearly cannot do.



    As mentioned, I think it’s the overall frequency of your posts. You seem to have been doing this for quite a while, so frequency + how long you have been doing this + mostly just a link = spammer.

    We can’t set Akismet to ignore you, so you might want to change your strategy a bit. Post less often, maybe pick your favorite post from the week to highlight, and share more than just the link, like maybe some additional commentary.

    As mentioned at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/how-to-use-the-showcase-forum the Showcase forum is really for showcasing your blog in general (new blog, re-design, etc) and your favorite posts. Anything more severely dilutes its usefulness to the community.


    macmanx, ok thank, i will leave it for 10 day’s and post again and see what happen’s, it seem’s that i can post every where else that’s what is puzzling me.



    You’re welcome!

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