Why am I being emailed with comments from blogs I follow

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    I receive emails whenever a blog I follow posts something new however over the last 2 days I have been receiving emails notifying me whenever people post a comment on their posts. Yesterday I had over 70 emails! I don’t want to stop following these blogs but I don’t understand why I’m suddenly getting all their comments too.
    Please help as this is getting out of control!

    The blog I need help with is pantryobsession.wordpress.com.


    The whole reader/follow blogs/follow comments stuff is totally and completely b0rked at the moment and this is happening to many, many people. Right now we are all at the mercy of AutoMATTic/Wordpress.com and will just have to wait until they decide to fix it. A couple friends I know have actually shut down their email accounts because of this.


    Frustrating! I don’t blame your friends from shutting down their email accounts. It’s stopped me from wanting to follow any more blogs. They need to get onto this. I don’t follow many blogs so I can only imagine the traffic on other people’s email if they follow lots…I’ve had 150 emails over the last 2 days!!!


    Yeah, 150 in two days is light. The friend of mine got that many overnight. I’ve heard of others getting hit even worse.


    You can still follow blogs, just remember to un-check the ” follow comments ” button if you make a comment.


    Some are reporting that even if they uncheck it they still get the comments by email.


    I have a thread about this along with a lot of others and i notice the lack of happiness engineers commenting.

    This is a bad change, because comments will drop so much with it, i have seen this over this past few days.

    My last post i would have got 20 / 30 comments, so far only one.



    Holely crap! I just discovered this forum and I’m over whelmed that I’m not the only one complaining about the comment problem. I’m seeing all these questions but I’m not seeing any answers. What up with that.



    There IS no answer except that staff are working on it. All they can say is “still working on it.”



    @dribblingpensioner, @mhdriver, @raincoaster

    Sounds like the topics page disaster all over again: A seemingly unmotivated change that creates a User Experience that’s cumbersome and time-consuming, lots of complaints, and no explanation. What’d they do? Fire all the happy engineers?

    I picked WordPress because I thought it was simple and rugged and productive. The changes have made it complicated, fragile, and time-wasting. Thank heavens I paid for the upgrade so I have my own URL and my content is portable. I’m sure others are thinking the same.


    I’ve been checking this morning, and the “notify me of folow up comments” box on WP blogs I comment on is checked. I am making sure I uncheck the box, and waiting to see if that solves the problem. WP needs to stop this! The box used to be unchecked, leaving it to the commenter to check it or not. They need to put it back the way it was!



    I agree, this box needs to remain unchecked as a default. Anyone who wants e-mails can check the box: the vast multitude who don’t won’t be plagued with them.


    I’m noticing an inconsistency in whether the blue box is checked or not. For most blogs today, the box has been unchecked. Which sounds great except it means I’m getting out of the habit of making sure it’s not checked again. It’s so frustrating to get two separate emails for comments on my own posts.



    This link from titabuds should help. Thank you again TB.


    Meanwhile I am so hoping the default in that pesky comment box is changed soon!



    It better be changed very soon or I’ll be moving my blog to Tumblr or somewhere else! This whole thing is ridiculous. It has inhibited me from commenting as I used to.because I’ve had to delete comment notices. I’d rather revisit the site at the end of the day to see what other people said. I don’t want my email to be flooded with so many email notifications. I also noticed a lack of commenting on my blog now because of this.


    Given that this would be, or should be, a very easy thing to change back to opt in, you might all want to consider that this could well be the default.



    I went here > Settings > Discussion
    and I disabled this
    Follow Comments __ Show a “follow comments” option in the comment form


    @becomingcliche – are you sure the unchecked box you’re seeing today is a comment notification box and not a blog subscription box? If someone turns off the “follow comments” option on their blog (which I think a lot of people have been doing lately), then the comment notification box will disappear, and only the (unchecked) blog subscription box will be displayed.


    It also means if people ask a question in comments you cannot give them an answer.

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