Why am I getting 200 views of the same post today, but only 6 visitors?

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    Today, I have about 6 visitors — but over 200 views. Most of the views are of a picture of a model of the Temple in Jerusalem. The number of views keeps going up, but the number of viewers remains the same. What’s happening?

    The blog I need help with is rabbielimallon.wordpress.com.



    It’s possible that the image has been hotlinked. To test this, take the image down, deleting it from your media library (this will also delete it from your post). If the crazy hits stop coming, you have your answer.


    Thanks. I did delete the post, and the “views” stopped — at 385. What is “hotlinking?” Why do people do it?



    Taking the post down won’t prevent people from hotlinking. If the views stopped, that’s clear evidence you had a post that went viral, as I said in the other thread. Now that you’ve deleted it, you stopped the views.

    Hotlinking is irrelevant, because it wasn’t what happened to you. You had a legitimate hit post.


    Thanks. Can you tell me more clearly what “hotlinking” is?
    As far as the post going “viral,” or it being a “hit” post, I’m sure you’re right, but actually, I don’t want to have one single post viewed so disproportionately — especially one that includes no text, and from which people don’t look at my other posts. It obscures to me the actual stats for my blog. So, maybe it’s foolish of me, but I’m just as happy to have stopped all those views of that one post. Thanks again for taking the time to explain it to me, though.

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