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Why am I getting an identity error?

  1. GRRRRR - I just lost a lengthy blogpost reply because a "you do not own that identity" error was returned from wordpress. I went to my blogsite profile **cut & pasted** my identity from there, and edited my "post as" dropdown (actual lost post was a blog on blogger - but the error message came from YOU). NO DICE. Same deal.

    mghcoach4add - pasted from my "username" from my dashboard profile

    btw-my url is (paid for domain upgrade) - but your dropdown box doesn't give me that choice.
    Blog url:

  2. Not really sure what you mean - where did you see this error message? Can you walk me through exactly what you were doing before you saw it?

    Were you writing on a blog or on a Blogger blog?

  3. Re-reading your message, it sounds like you're trying to log in to Blogger with your OpenID from

    Note that you have to use your blog's full address, and you have to be logged in to your blog at the time:

    We have some more information about this on the OpenID support page.

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