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Why am I getting this error when posting?

  1. Why do I keep getting a "you do not own that identity" error when I try to post to ?

    I have logged in CORRECTLY with my user name and password.


  2. See here for your answer Crazymaking Blogger Comment Settings

  3. Thanks, but I'm even more confused than ever. You wrote: "It will recognizes the identity of only those bloggers who enter a username and a blog with the matching URL. It will not accept any other username and URL combination."

    Well, I did that. I had to get my password reset, but that is what I did. My original error was 'invalid password' (not sure why, but to be safe, I reset it). That was when I got the 'identity' error.

    I use WordPress for: (I can comment there)

    I wanted to use it for:

    I can comment on the former but not the latter. ????????



  4. This is a Blogger issue.
    It is not a WordPress.COM issue.
    We cannot help you with it.

  5. Moreover, is not a free hosted WordPress.COM blog and we do not provide support for it here.

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