Why am I getting this unknown_blog error message?

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    Why am I getting this unknown_blog error message when I try to post? I’m using Chrome on a Win 7 computer. I tried switching to IE and had other problems (the create an post and post video doesn’t work)
    Blog url: http://thebestoftheinternets.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is thebestoftheinternets.wordpress.com.



    I am now getting the same message.
    I’ve no idea what the heck is going on.

    Help anyone?



    I did find a way around it for the time being.
    I went into the Dashboard and posted a blog entry through there, using the larger enter blog post ability page.

    Hope that helps thebestoftheinternets in the mean time.



    Thanks biggins. I’ve been frustrated about that too. Haven’t been able to post and all ready lost one I had to rewrite.



    @ gunowners

    I would suggest you copy long posts before pressing “publish”.
    Also I have installed a very useful tool called “Spartan”.
    See here: http://m8software.com/clipboards/spartan/spartan.htm

    This tool is an ABSOLUTE godsend.
    Saved my backside many times. Once you copy something, its auto saved in a list which you can then keep according to what ever way you want for future reference, be it posts, comments or links etc.

    Very useful blogging tool. All the best.


    I’m still getting this error!
    This is the second day. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. I’ve emptied my cache. I’ve tried another computer. Nothing works!

    Is there a list of known issues for WordPress?

    Is there any way you can get help outside these forums?

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