Why am I getting unrelated comments forwarded from facebook?

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    I keep getting tons of comments that seem to be coming through facebook. However, I don’t have facebook connected to this blog, and the comments are completely unrelated to my posts. The comments appear to be conversations relating to some other blog or facebook page.
    Blog url: http://sprinklerwarehouse.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is sprinklerwarehouseblog.com.



    Hey there,

    Looking over your blog, nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. Can you direct me to a post (or a set of comments) showing what you’re describing?




    They got sent to my spam box, and I deleted them. But this is not the first time it’s happened, and I’ll post them the next time they show up. An example of a comment was one posted to the “about the author page”, and it said something about “that’s really sad, but that’s great that you were able to do that for the kids, and everything helps.” Completely unrelated. I tried looking up the facebook e-mail it was posted from, and couldn’t find anyone. Facebook search told me there was no such person. Anyway, I’ll post the next comments that come through like that.



    I also used to get unrelated comments from people using Facebook log-ins. It’s spam so I marked it as such and moved on.

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