Why am I not allowed to import?

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    I wanted to move a portion of my older blog into a new one. I exported the old blog and wanted to import it into the new place. The file size is about 2 MB. It starts importing, prompts me to give the “author” name and then, after a moment, I get a message “you are not allowed to import”.

    What am I doing wrong?



    Ooops, sorry for bothering… When I returned to the new blog (which used to show only posts up til August 2006) I found out that it shows all the posts and all the comments that there were in the old blog. I still do not understand the comment “you are not allowed” but as long as the result is okay, I donĀ“t mind… :-P

    Consider this problem resolved! (God only knows how it all happened. Lucky me!)

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